Samurai hill jumps by Mothug Doug!

Jumping the dirt hill ramp with a Suzuki Samurai a few times... Mothug Doug tearing stuff up some more on his private test facility. want to see more crazy Mothug Doug Gall video insanity? Then check out my channel and subscribe:

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Destroying the honda some more... Mothug Dougs Test Facility
Automotive Carnage at its finest… out in the backyard, destroying a Honda Accord some more from the last video... Mothug Doug Gall's test facility claiming another victim! Of course these cars we are beating up are junkers and not safe to drive on public roads! If you want to see more custom automotive vehicles and machines, more automotive mayhem and fun at the backyard test track, please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and stay tuned for more Mothug Doug Gall videos: HONDA HILL JUMP VIDEO: MOTHUG DOUG GALL TOYOTA LAND CRUISER POND JUMP VIDEO: REDNECKS REVENGE, THE MOVIE: This video of Mothug Doug and his motor-head friends is old and outdated, so if you are looking for more recent hillbilly action, check out the newest epic movie taking place at the private test facility, Mothug Dougs Halloween Bash, "Rednecks Revenge" the movie, one full hour of car crashes, cars on fire, hill jumps, backyard dirt racing, demolition derby, and of course more cars get jumped into the pond... just click this link for the 2015 insanity:

Suzuki Samurai
Seilwindentest COME UP DV9000 Jugend Forscht

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Just how many times can you jump a Suzuki Samurai?
An old video from 2003. Warning, language.