Hollywood cars: The Benchwarmers Toyota Tundra race truck

Check out a car from Hollywood! "The Benchwarmers" Toyota Tundra race truck on display at Sun Toyota in New Port Richey, FL. Visit http://www.SunToyota.com for more info on this famous truck!

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Boostaholics: 2015 STi rotated 6266 E85 build beginnings...
http://www.Boostaholics.com - What's it like to take a brand new 2015 Subaru WRX STi and slap a rotated 6266 turbo kit on it and convert it to e85? It takes dedication, money, time, and that special Rev Works touch; this is the beginning of yet another chapter of the #Boostaholics automotive reality show! Bonus footage! 20g Forester STi swap Dyno, and C6 Z06 big cam racecar idle warm up! Say hello to Matthew Montano ( facebook.com/matthew.montano.90 ) and his 2015 STi. As the car currently sits, it has a FMIC, tune, and supporting fuel mods. He wants more Boost! What better way to get it than by visiting Rev Works in Orlando for their rotated 6266 turbo kit. He is going to go fast! Special thanks to Rev Works, Inc. http://www.revworksinc.com Be sure to subscribe so you can follow along with this build! http://www.Boostaholics.com

Low mileage 1970 Chevelle SS review
Check out this 1970 Chevelle SS with only 2,000 miles found at Sun Toyota in New Port Richey, FL.

1973 Mercury Cougar convertible with only 415.6 miles!
Check out the extremely low mileage 1973 Mercury Cougar review. With only 415.6 miles, this is an extremely rare and collectible vehicle. For sale at SunToyota.com

Boostaholics: a sea of carbon fiber! Impreza GC8 hood and fender install
http://www.Boostaholics.com - The #Boostaholics Gc8 is getting some major upgrades! Seibon carbon fiber fenders (+10mm) and a Seibon full race carbon fiber hood, plus JDM front lip and rear spats aka bumper valances. It's not as easy as it looks, check out the episode and watch as we sail through a sea of carbon fiber. Bonus announcement! We are taking the #Boostaholics Impreza GC8 to Performance Race Solutions to make it the baddest mother (watch your mouth) GC8 on youtube. When the best in the industry team up with Boostaholics, the only product will be awesome. PRS on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PRS-Automotive/354839184710436?fref=ts