HHO Swiss Inox 3d Seven Cores Cell and GOOD production

This 3d cell took 25h of work. The outer (positive) tubes are 2mm thick and 42.4 mm diameter 316L stainless steel then there are 3 inner nutral tubes and the last smallest tube is 17 mm in diameter and is the negative pole and takes the electricity from the bottom up while the positive enters at the top down. I did mark the tubes with an arrow while cutting them and then assembled them with all the arrows looking upward. For lack of time I did not do any cleaning yet, I had no proper connections and I used a well water with high conductivity values and one tea spoon of backing soda for 1 gallon of water. Next thing I will do is to build a container and perfect connections and test the unit with some acceptable electrical equipment and usable indications about production and electricity consumpion

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New spiral cell + test of all cells. The spiral is handmade and absorbs about 32 amps (12 volts) and when I have the casing active it goes to 44 amps but the production remains comparable to the 32 amps: I am realizing that good building skills and equipment are a nice thing to have, but in hydroxy production once the cell is perfect unless you are connecting it to a sofisticated fine tuned electronically advanced electric system you go nearly nowhere, you remain stock. So now I will learn as much as I possibly can in order to build an optimized cell and then I will go about hooking it up to the best electronical solutions I can find and balance the two tings together. With all the help I am getting from so many people who care I am sure I can come much closer to this goal. Amox

hydrogen powered tubro jet @ George T.baker
A hydrogen (HHO) powered tubro jet @ George T.baker Aviation, Wat KIck 4 such a small engine and its clean power

#66 Resonant Water Fuel Cell 02
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Hydrogen Electrolysis - 1 Part 1
http://www.hho4free.com ......Website recently Updated.......Lots of HHO information............... MUST READ THIS - Electrolysis of water into Hydrogen & Oxygen. Increase your MPG via the unused power of your Alternator, while you drive. These are the first hydrogen cells we made last year. We started with the Joe Cell concept and modified it for Electrolysis. The 4 parts of this video show you the inner works of the gas production. You will see, from a birds eye view, the gas being produced in a solid stainless steel container; one that can be put under a strong vaccum. At startup, notice that the gas is being produced in the center of the cell. It then starts producing in adjacent tubes as current moves towards the positive outer tube. For this to happen, your tubes need to be properly aligned North and South. That is, the tops of each tube must be magnetic North, and the bottoms must be magnetic South (the tubes contain "some" magnetism. Think of the tube as a magnet. If your alignment is off on a tube, there will be little to no gas production around that tube. You can test your tubes for N & S by putting a needle on a thread and magnetizing the tip of the needle (N or S). Hang the thread over the tube, just barely clearing the surface, and rock each end of the tube under the needle. It will start to swing as you rock. One end will swing more than the other. Mark them accordingly and put your tubes together with the like marks facing the same direction. It works. Part 2 shows more hydrogen production, and several different size cells, with different tube configurations. Please read the important details I added to the right of each video. Later, in Part 3, you will see gas being produced in a glass jar. Pay attention to what influence the magnetic field has on the hydrogen bubbles. Part 4 is about exploding a balloon filled with HHO gas (I love that part). I would like to point out that if you build your cell out of stainless steel, as we did, it will withstand Flashback explosions. Plastic can blow up. I would also like to point out another advantage of an all stainless steel unit. Electrolysis causes heat. The longer the cell runs, the hotter it gets, the hotter it gets, the more current you're going to get. Your plastic and rubber units will get soft and may explode. If your cell is under a vaccume, it will implode. However, your steel unit will take a lickin and keep on tickin. Be smart, be safe, use metal containers. If you want to control your current (amperage), and you do want to control it, use a DC volt PWM to regulate it. You can find 15 amp continuous to 80 amp continuous PWM's on ebay. They will pulse your DC voltage to the cell. The pulsing will also help regulate the heat. You want heat, but you need to control it. The PWM will help you do that. Visit my channel to get details of all of my videos. It will be a learning experience. http://www.youtube.com/daddyo44907