Ford XK Falcon cinema short - 1960

Here's a cinema short from 1960 introducing the car on which their fortunes rode for the last fifty or so years - the Falcon. UPDATE: Just noticed some a**ehole on eBay selling copies of this - complete with my watermark...

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Ford Falcon 70,000 mile durability run Pt 1.wmv
In 1965 6 stock standard 6 Cyl Falcons were driven flat out for eight days around a twisty 2.2 mile mountain test circuit until they had completed a total of 70,000 miles, aprox. 5000 laps per car. Despite 3 cars rolling and a collision with a 2 ton rock all the cars finished without mechanical breakdowns. This was a make or break stunt by Ford to show how tough the new XP Falcon was.

Steam Powered 1963 Ford Falcon
Ted Pritchard designed and built steam engine powering a 1963 Ford Falcon. Some vintage footage of Melbourne traffic as well. For more info on the man himself please read this article: drive-home-his-power-point/

Northcote & Preston, 1973
Here's a couple of great clips of Preston in 1973! First is from an episode of "Homicide", shot on St. Georges Rd, and featuring the intersection with Normanby Ave, local icon Bedrock Motors, and a nice car chase ending in the little dead-end of Woolton Ave, next to Mayer Park and behind Northcote Golf Course. (Astute locals will note that Bedrock Motors and Woolton Ave are both actually BEFORE the Normanby Ave intersection, not after it as depicted in the episode!). Then, a couple of scenes from an episode of "Ryan", the first featuring the old Preston police station in Roseberry Ave, the rest featuring Campbell's Motors in High St. The Preston Hotel on the corner of High and Spencer Sts can be see, with driving shots of the red Dodge convertible filmed in Spencer St and Wood St.

BAD A$$ Rusty Ford FALCON - Tulsa No Prep
Paul Witty in his bad ass 1960 Ford Falcon going rounds in Big Tire No Prep during the Tulsa Raceway Park Midnight Drags. This garage built hot rod features a 572ci Big Block Ford with a little whiff of Nitrous to help her clear her throat. Even the Chevy guys love this car! lol We should mention that this is also we have filmed 1/4 No Prep racing, thanks to Tulsa Raceway Park.