Can-Am Spyder Loader for your pickup truck

The Rampage Power Lift Ramp for the Can-Am Spyder. One person operation.

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Spyder TV - Part 1 - Rampage Power Lift - Ramps Can Am Spyder
Spyder TV is proud to have and use a Rampage Power Lift and Ramp system for it's STV F-150 Ford Truck..... This video is demonstrating the loading process.... look for part 2 where we unload the Can Am Spyder.... Pierre Poliquin

CanAm Spyder Motorcycle Lift
Manufactured and Filmed By: Quasar Products Ltd

2010 Can-Am Spyder RT-S Premiere Edition Delivery
Yes, the Spyder has landed! Here's a brief video that shows the delivery of the 2010 Spyder RT=S Premiere Edition. I'll have more videos on the various features and opinions of this unique machine.

Can Am Spyder RT Fire Thunder in the Valley 2013
2013 Spyder RT caught on fire while the rider was preparing for a demo ride at the BRP area at Thunder in the Valley 2013. Johnstown, PA. This is 3 short videos rolled into one. *Make sure you click on the small gear in the lower right hand corner of the video to see the HD version!