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Track Daze, September 12th, 2009 at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL

Robert Borowicz driving 1995 Subaru Impreza L (with STI guts) at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL during first day of Track Daze event.


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AMS Track Day, Autobahn Country Club, Joliet IL, 7.10.2010
Camera Car: 2008 Subaru STI Stage 2

Fun in the advance group w/STT at Autobahn Country Club 5/28/12
Fun in the advance group w/STT at Autobahn Country Club 5/28/12

Robert Borowicz Crash at GRC
Lap with Robert Borowicz and his crash at GRC. PPIR, CO Springs, 06/17/2011 Copyrighted!

Skid Marks Racing 1st stint (Roberson), Gingerman Raceway LeMons April 2012
This is the start of the race. We started 22nd and chased down Bucksnort Racing's E30 in 12 laps (they started the race in 1st). For the next 45 minutes we exchanged the lead of the race several times. Best...time.....ever!! Unfortunately, the video ends with the Skid Marks Racing Neon's transmission exploding on the back straight. We lost 136 laps to Bucksnort while swapping out the bad transmission with our spare. Timestamps: 19:38 green flag 41:03 catching the ever quick TRS guys 42:00 pass for 2nd and get Bucksnort in sight 44:50 1st pass of BS (coming out of a yellow!) 46:43 pass coming from Bucksnort (red RX7 practically stops at the track out of T11) 1:15:18 catching the leaders again 1:17:43 pass for P1 1:18:35 you can see my "frustration" with Bucksnort reeling me in again! 1:19:55 BS in deep at T10 1:20:15 point-by coming from BS on the front straight; back in P1 1:22:19 tight and clean racing with BS through T11, T1, and T2. They pull me on the 2-3 straight 1:22:55 traffic jam for P1 and P2 at T6 (close!) 1:25:25 end game for Skid Marks Racing (spent the next four plus hours swapping transmissions)

Autobahn Track Day - Joliet, IL
This video was shot from inside my Porsche GT3 during a Porsche Club track day at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL.

Chump Car - Gingerman June 2013 - WRC Dropouts
~P35 to P2 in one stint. Race starts at 2:00. Things get interesting when the E36 passes for P3(?) at 54:30. The yellow/white XR4TI is running P1 when we approach him at around 1:04:00. Fuel starvation started on the last lap out of T3. Obviously taking it very easy on the brakes. Ax also looks to be a little offset towards forward accel. WRC Dropouts 1991 Subaru Legacy turbo 5MT Dunlop Z1/Z2 F/R Harry's Lap Timer Race Render 2 Deluxe Ipod Touch 4G Dual XGPS150A Olympus ME-52 Satechi CR-3600

Racing Crash Compilation September Week 1 2013 | RacingFail
New channel on http://www.youtube.com/tvmotoringtube

STi lapping at the Autobahn on 8-18-08
Lapping in my 2005 STi at the Autobahn Raceway in Joliet, IL on 8-18-08 with MVP Track Time. Batteries ran out after a few minutes, hence the sudden end to the video. Sorry about the sound, I need to find a way to shield the mic from the wind.

CGI Explains the Driving Line at GingerMan Raceway
CGI Motorsports Director Phil Mirenda gives turn-by-turn commentary on the driving line at GingerMan Raceway using the extended course configuration. He is driving a Mustang GT, which is unfortunately an automatic transmission. Visit www.gingermanraceway.com for more GingerMan greatness.

Ferrari F430 Autobahn Country Club North Track
A few laps around Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL North Track in a Ferrari F430.

Autobahn Country Club - Session 3 - Group A
Third session of the day at the Autobahn Country Club, running the full course layout. The car is a stock Mazda RX8 R3. This was the last recorded session, my camera's battery died shortly after this. Recorded October 3, 2011 at the Hooked on Driving event. Video recorded with a GoPro HD. Audio recorded with a Zoom H1 Handy Recorder.

2005 June : Joliet : My first laps at the Autobahn in Joliet, IL.
A few HPDE laps at the Autobahn with NASA. My first time at this track. Multiview and roof cam. Bug splat on roof cam part way in ;-)

Kinner R55 radial powered MR2 goes to Autobahn Country Club for 24hours of lemons race
here it is guys, a proper race. I only managed 20 laps with it which is less than stellar but i'm calling this good enough. I'm trading the engine for a turboshaft engine and I'll work on installing that instead. I did get the "most heroic fix" award at this race. sorry i took so long to re upload this video, the first attempt had a bunch of rendering errors.

BMW M3 Chasing Ferrari 458 Italia & Porsche Cayman 2012 Gingerman FCA
Instructor Harris A. Edwards, Jr. PDQuick justing having a blast at the Ferrari Car Club of America High Performance Driving Education School chasing a Porsche Cayman and Ferrari Italia 458 around Gingerman Raceway. Another great day at the track with friends and instructing them on how to better understand their wonderful machines. Video shoot from inside of Instructor Harris' BMW M3 2003 with a iPhone 4s.

Autobahn Country Club Full 3.5 miles Driving Line Tutorial
http://www.deltavee.net Autobahn Country Club's full 3.5 mile, 21 turn circuit. Driver: Rob Schermerhorn of Delta Vee Motorsports LLC http://www.deltavee.net Private coaching and race engineering services available (chassis set up, shock tuning...), visit http://www.separationofcontrols.com to inquire.

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