vintage! Simca 1200 S | drive it

Hans Exner has been on the motor sport circuit for years. His specialty is slalom and alpine racing. He is usually first over the finish line in his Simca 1200 S racing coupé.Exner tells drive it! that weight reduction is the be-all and end-all in motor racing. Exner's Simca 1200 S tips the scales at a sleek 750 kilograms. But there is even more to it than that. For acceleration, the Simca 1200 S is kitted out with a special transmission that will sling it into top speed even on the steepest of hills. After the car's engine was damaged, Exner rebuilt it to original specs, but now the four-cylinder delivers 140 horsepower, 55 horsepower more than it did to begin with.

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spot it! BMW motorcycles - the K1600 GT and K 1600 GTL | drive it
BMW is introducing the K1600 GT and GTL top-flight motorcycles just in time for spring. The manufacturer says the GT and GTL are designed for touring rather than the track.While the GT is the sportier of the two, the GTL is made for comfort. The heart of the new BMW duo is a 1.6 liter straight-six cylinder engine with 118kW of power. When they are revved up to the max of 5250 rpm, both bikes top out at 175 Newton meters of torque. That can punch the GT from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds. The motorcycles start selling for a price of 19,900 euros in Germany.

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The successful head of a centuries old traditional Bavarian clothesmaker has built a modern wooden house for himself and his partner in a small Bavarian town.

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Top contemporary sculptor Richard Deacon has used a wide variety of materials and techniques in his work. Our report also tries to find out why so many of the most reknowned scuptors have come from Britain.

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Artist Nicolas Buissart says Charleroi is the ugliest place on earth. But that doesn't stop him showing tourists round it.Once the industrial heart of Belgium's French-speaking Wallonia region and still home to 200 thousand people, Charleroi is now an industrial wasteland with high unemployment. Buissart organizes tours of Charleroi that offer tourists an insight into his decaying home town.