Pepe Loco New Record vs. FR Motorsports

Pepe Loco 6.81 @ 200mph New Record vs. FR Motorsports 9 / 3 / 11 Drag Mania 2011 @ Englishtown Raceway Park Thanks to

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MIR world cup finals pepe loco 6.82.wmv
video pepe loco world cup finals en maryland

El Jerry Racing 6.23@ 229MPH New Import Record in America!
video by Team PR vs Team USa @ Maple Grove

Pepe Loco Racing 6.53 @ 209 mph
Pepe Loco Racing setting a new personnal best of 6.53 @ 209 mph. This was only the first pass with the new turbo set-up. Video by

Pepe Loco vs El Atomo
El Atomo Foul Pepe Loco - 6.89 @ 199 MPH Win