Tom Coronel drivining Dodge Viper ACR at the Ring with Telemetry

We're not terribly surprised that the Dodge Viper ACR has apparently made it around the famed German racing circuit faster than pretty much anything else you'll find on a dealer's lot. After all, the ACR is a race car, as evidenced by the video that Motor Trend has posted. The most venomous Viper has done the deed in 7:22, fast enough to make grown men cry. this result is FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) driver Tom Coronel, who pilots a Leon TFSi for SEAT Team Holland. On his fourth attempt, he established an amazing 7:22.1 (first two laps-a 7:42 and a 7:35 and third 7:24). MORE Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR at the Ring(pic) My blog : Photoshocks video

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Pagani Zonda R - Nurburgring lap
Pagani - Pirelli Tyre - Assuring new technologies and materials are fit for production means also putting the vehicle's components under severe stresses, exceeding those normally encountered in every day road driving. The Nürburgring Nordschleife is the most demanding track in the world, for man and machine, an ordeal that each Pagani has to pass, only one of many in the entire development phase. The Zonda R serves as the ultimate test bench, a car able to reach acceleration figures and speeds that are not possible with a road car. This is further underlined by a laptime of 6:47,5 min for the 20,832 km Nordschleife. Driver: Marc Basseng

Ferrari 599XX sets new record on the Nurburgring
The Ferrari 599XX is the first ever production-derived sports car to break the 7-minute barrier on the classic 20.832 km Nordschleife circuit, lapping in 6 min 58.16 sec. Watch a be amazed. For more Ferrari videos visit

Huge crash Coronel in Marrakech RAW edit, FIA WTCC 2014
Tom Coronel had a huge crash during the Marrakech GP at the streetcircuit caused by Mehdi Bennani from Morocco. The RML Chevrolet Cruze TC1 was completely destroyed and further racing this season is questionable. LIKE me on FACEBOOK: FOLLOW me on TWITTER: FOLLOW me on INSTAGRAM: JOIN my circle on GOOGLE PLUS: SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel: IMAGEBANK picture FREE: A disappointing start for Tom Coronel's jubilee season in 2014 FIA WTCC curtain-raiser • Tom Coronel celebrates 25th career season, but has bad luck in Morocco • Can severe damage to the ROAL Motorsport car be repaired in time for next week's races? Marrakech, April 13, 2014 -- For Tom Coronel, the start of his 25th season in motor racing could hardly have been any worse. This weekend was a huge deception for the 42-year old Dutch driver, who didn't make it to the finish in either of the races. Coronel had certainly hoped for a different first outing with his new race car, the ROAL Motorsport Chevrolet WTCC car built to the new TC1 specifications. This season, cars in the World Touring Car Championship are running with an engine output of approximately 380 horsepower. The cars are also wider, lighter and have more downforce. The season opener at the Moulay El Hassan circuit also marked the introduction of the new weekend format including a third qualifying heat for the five fastest drivers. For Tom Coronel, qualifying at the over six kilometres long street circuit resulted into tenth place on the grid for the first race and first place for the reversed-grid second race. Heavy damage For the Dutchman, both races came to an untimely end. Halfway through the first race, damage to the front end of the car forced him to come into the pits. A quick repair saw him making it back out onto the grid in time for race 2. This race, however, was only a brief affair. Honda driver Mehdi Bennani forced Tom Coronel, who was leading the race, into the wall, after which Coronel swerved across the track into the wall on the opposite side. Coronel was able to climb out of his car unscathed, but the car was seriously damaged. It still has to be seen whether the car can be repaired in time for the second round of the season, scheduled for next weekend. In an initial reaction, Coronel wasn't very positive about that. Tom Coronel's comments After the race, a disappointed Tom Coronel said: "The car is 'bannani'. This definitely isn't good. It started with a little tap, which isn't a problem, but he kept pushing and started turning to the right. There was nothing I could do, I was merely a passenger in my own car. I don't really understand it. Mehdi is a friend of mine and I reckon he was determined to shine here in front of his home crowd, but he definitely overdid it. The damage to the car is massive. I don't remember ever having had so much damage on a race car. Together with the ROAL Motorsport people, we took a good look at it and the bodyshell turned out to be damaged. These are not on stock, so it will be very difficult, of not impossible, to race next week. The car will be in Barcelona on Wednesday, but then we already have to leave to France to make it to the next race. However, to repair it, we have to be in England and there are no bodyshells in stock there. It really looks bad." Pole position Tom Coronel was competitive during the rest of the weekend. "In free practice, I hit the walls here and there, but didn't get any major damage. In qualifying, like many others, we missed the second outing. Nevertheless, I ended up tenth which gave me pole position for the second race. That looked pretty well. In the first race, I had a good start, but I didn't take any risks. After Valente had spun in front of me, I felt some strange things on the car and I turned into the pits to have everything correct for the second race. That all went as planned, until the wall put a sudden end to my race." A thrilling week The upcoming week will be a thrilling affair. The ROAL Motorsport team members, who witnessed what happened on the screens, are just as disappointed as Coronel. For them, it now depends on the availability of spare parts and in particular a bodyshell. The question is whether that will work out. "These technicians have done some more jobs that were considered to be impossible," Tom Coronel points out. But he also remains realistic: "It doesn't look good, but we will wait and see what happens." In the 2014 FIA WTCC season, Tom Coronel is supported by Roal Motorsport, McGregor, TW Steel -big in oversized watches-, Valvoline, DHL, Equinix, Amando Face & Body Care, AkzoNobel Lesonal, De Wild Multi Print Solutions, AllSecur, ATP Event Experts, Super-B, Intrax, Playseat, CM, Sparco and Uw Mooiste

Hennesey Viper ACR with 820 BHP!! Lovely Sound!!
CvdZijden spotted this awesome Hennesey Viper ACR at the Nordschleife last time! This car have 820 BHP without turbo's, when Hennesey put two turbo's on it, the car has 1000+ BHP!! Laptime of this car around the Nordschleife Track is 7:22! In this video you see how it is on track! I hope you enjoy this video and don't forget to leave a comment here below :) Thanks for watching! CvdZijden