AirShow June 2012 Clip 24 (Saab Viggen J37 Thunderbolt Takeoff)

Saab Viggen J37 Thunderbolt Takeoff and flight. This was a real challenge to record but managed to catch most of it. The takeoff is amazing to experience from the viewpoint we're standing at making you feel the thrust which is a very intense feeling. Similar to a really long shockwave flowing through your body. The Saab 37 Viggen (English: Thunderbolt) was a Swedish single-seat, single-engine, short-medium range fighter and attack aircraft, manufactured between 1970 and 1990. Several variants were produced to perform the roles of all-weather fighter-interceptor, ground-attack and photo-reconnaissance, as well as a two-seat trainer. In 1960, the U.S. National Security Council, led by President Eisenhower, formulated a military security guarantee for Sweden. The U.S. promised to help the Swedish militarily in the event of a Soviet attack against Sweden; both countries signed a military-technology agreement. In what was known as the "37-annex", Sweden was allowed access to advanced U.S. aeronautical technology which made it possible to design and produce the Saab 37 Viggen much faster and cheaper than would otherwise have been possible.

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Viggen STOL
JA-37 making a short take off/landing also using reverses to pushback and takeoff again! MORE AVIATION VIDEOS ON: TAKEOFFTUBE.COM

AJS 37 Viggen 1080 air show Malmen in Sweden 2012 must se!
This video, of the Swedish AJS 37 Viggen, was filmed during the military air show at Malmen in Linköping, Sweden, in June 2012. After all these years we finally got to se this "muscle plane" in the air again! The Viggen is operated by the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight. Pilot is Stellan Andersson. Enjoy, and please subscribe! :-) /Tille, TeamM

Swedish Torpedo Boat (KILLER ENGINE SOUND) T56 and T26
This video is of two Swedish (WW2 era) Torpedo Boats riding the waves around Sweden. The sound of the Three diesel engines giving 5000HP is absolutely perfect! Thanks Teawby for shooting this video.

SAAB Viggen AJS37 swedish historic flight at Waddington Airshow 2013