SUMMERNATS 26 TV COMMERCIAL! 3rd - 6th January 2013! Tickets on sale now!

Summernats 26 TV Advertisement. Tickets on sale now at ALL HAIL horsepower!

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Summernats 25 Cruising
Five minutes of cruising action from Summernats 25 to get you pumped for Summernats 26. Less than 30 days to go!

BLO1HO Finishes In Flames
Tim Gruber is a Summernats regular with his Whipple supercharged Ford GT but he has varying amounts of luck. at Summernats 25 he finished with a fire and at Summernats 24 hit scored a solid hit on the guardrail, but he came third at Summernats 22. No doubt he'll be back again this year, so don't miss it.

Grunt Files does Summernats - Summernats TV Special - Part 2/2

summernats 2013 supercruise
Summernats Supercruise 2013 along Northbourne Avenue in Canberra. More photos at