Incredible Road Rage

Driver running cars off the road and driving like a maniac

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Road Rage KaRmA!
Full video: Saw the same guy this morning and laughed all the way to work.

Stupid Roadrage Compilation - November 4, 2013
Viewers are requested to discuss and criticize this Stupid Driving Behavior Compilation. Attention: This video might contains Violence and disturbing Content for some viewer! But there is no Blood or Dead-body showed in this video! This video for showing the unacceptable driving behavior to the YouTube viewers.

Road Rage, Tailgater Doesn't Like The Camera
This occurred in Fairfax County Virginia. A federal security gaurd was tailgating and when the opportunity came there was an assault. As always there is two sides to every story and I'm sure there is, but assault is assault!

Why It's Good To Have A Dash Camera - Again
A Ford driver did not expect that everything is recorded on the dash camera. He disappeared from the scene of the accident, but later he had an interesting conversation with the police :) Watch Car Crash Compilation . JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: .