This is a fiberglass custom body that fits over a 1984 Camaro convertible, designed and built by Bill Logan. He calls his functional art, "LoganDreamRyder".

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WTF Rides "Dream Ryder" 84 Camaro???
This Automobile is built as Functional Art and is called. Dream Ryder. The body was designed and constructed of fiberglass, by Bill Logan of Simi Valley Ca. over a thirteen year period. It is built over a 1984 Camaro convertible. This here is the Rolling Prototype. A set of molds and tooling has been built capable of reproducing an enhanced version of this design in the future. Contact info on Car: logandreamryder@yahoo.com The Channel StrtRodder100 an my self have no affiliation with the car other then the video. Please send all inquires to above mentioned.

Thirdgen f-body ASC convertible top replacement part 1 of 2
Replacing the top on my 1991 Trans Am ASC convertible. The steps I took should be virtually the same for all ASC convertible third-gen f-bodies. Feel free to ask questions/post comments. :) The remaining videos for this swap will be up soon. sethirdgen instructions: http://sethirdgen.org/convertibletop.htm *MATERIALS USED* -New top (duh) -New rear bow seal -Weldwood contact cement -rivets/rivet gun -Kerosene/Acetone/Goof-off to remove the old glue -and tools such as a putty knife, drill with different sized bits, dremel tool; whatever you may need to remove the old top.

Chevy Van 20 - Custom Car
Route 66 Custom Cars - We design your complete interior of your car,van or caravan.... This is a '87 Chevy Van we customized the whole interior... www.route66-cars.com

Female's N 2011 Convertible Chevy Camaro on 28"- 30" DUB Swyrl Floaters
FOR THE PICTURES GO TO: http://AceWhips.NET Female's N 2011 Convertible Chevy Camaro on 28"- 30" DUB Swyrl Floaters