VW Golf mk3 Secret Tachometer Tutorial

This video shows how to get to the secret digital tachometer (RPM gauge), and how it works :) 1= Distance Impulse number - the number of speedo sender pulses required to +1 the odometer. for miles the number is in the 6000 range, for kilometers the number is in the 3000 range. 2 = Clock display mode - 1: Europe (24 hour time) 2: Canada? 3. UK (12 hour) 4. USA (12 hour) 5. South Africa? 3 = Speedometer and rev. counter code 4 = number of cylinders, or ratio for alternator/engine revolutions. (for tach calibration) 5 = Segment test (lights all LCD segments) 6 = Speedomenter sender impulses - each wheel revolution adds 7 to this count. 8 = program version Thanks to oxytrue for info :) Also, some people has reported that it does not work on some diesel models.

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VW Golf mk3 hidden tach tutorial
First of all start your car then press and hold the trip comp button turn the car off switch the ignition back on when 6679 appears start the car then you realese the button go up thru the numbers when you get to six hold down the button and you will get your hidden digital tach leave me a comment and let me know how you got on thanks for watching.

Hidden meny in golf 3 part 2

VW Golf 3 MK3 IN 01 IN 02 OEL RESET
1. Press and hold odometer reset button below speedometer. 2. Switch ignition ON. 3. Switch ignition OFF and release odometer reset button. 4. Release the odometer reset button and press it again until IN 01 will display. 5. Press and hold the lower digital clock set button or the analog clock set button until five dashes (-----) appear in display. IN 00 = no service required OEL = oil service =7500 mile IN 01 = inspection 1 = 15000 mile IN 02 = inspection 2 = 30000 mile