Honda CBR HID Xenon Installation

CBR600RR installation of a HID conversion kit For more info visit:

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HID Xenon Headlight Electrical Retrofit
HID Xenon Headlight Electrical Retrofit Does triggering relays directly from headlight connector, harm the headlight switch? The answer is yes. Activating relays is done by connecting voltage to a coil, which in turn creates a magnetic field. When voltage is removed from the relay, the energy that is stored in the coil collapses, and will send current the other way, by increasing voltage to several hundred volts. A small arc will be visible between the contact elements of the headlight switch. Over time, the switch will only work intermittently, and will eventually fail. That's why a serial diode is essential to protect the headlight switch. Here's the current path to a properly connected H.I.D. retrofit electrical wiring. The heart of most of the electrical work is at the H.I.D. relay. The relay, the most common is a Bosch type, has 5 terminals, of which 4 are of interest to you. Terminals 84 and 85, sometimes labeled 85 and 86, is the relay coil. Remember to install an in line diode between these two terminals. Most newer relays have this diode internally. As we've said before, the diode protects the headlight switch from damage due to arching. Shown in this video, terminal 84 is connected to ground. You may connect either of the relay coil terminals to ground. This is the activation ........That was just an excerpt of this video...Get the whole story here and do it an HID retrofit yourself. Save money with our HID retrofit video. Presented using advanced software CG animation technology to help you understand. Part of our Automotive Technology series shown here on this channel. Enjoy... *************************************************************************** *********** Amazon Printed-Books & Kindle: d-keywords=mandy+concepcion Google Play Android APPs: Amazon Video DVDs: -keywords=mandy+concepcion Barnes & Noble Nook: tore=allproducts Apple iTunes iPad:

Motorcycle LED Headlights Kit by Tripage CBR600RR
TripageLED now produces a kit to upgrade the lighting on your CBR to LED. This video walks you through the install. The kit is a 5000K Lumens dual headlight kit that changes the bike to a dual low and dual high kit. No more “You have a headlight out” while riding. You can buy your own kit at oduct_id=236 Check out and use coupon code “dafobra” for 10% off! My gear: My Helmet: Shoei RF1200 Indy Marquez My Jackets: Icon Contra MIL Spec Alpinestars GP Plus R Leather Dainese Xantum II Textile Icon Motorhead 2 Leather Powerlet RapidFire Heated Liner My Pants: Alpinestars AST-1 WP lpinestars Oxygen Air Overpants Alpinestars Blaze Tech Denim Viking Cycles Saxon Textile Riding Pants My Boots: Alpinestars SMX-1 My Gloves: Dainese 4 Stroke Dainese Clutch EVO D-Dry Revit Fly 2 Gerbing EX Heated Do you want quality Bluetooth audio like I have? with waterproof case without waterproof case You can buy your own Sena 20S at: (single pack) (dual pack) My cameras: My DSLR My action camera #1: My action camera #2: My action camera #3: My point and shoot camera Video: GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition GoPro Session Sena Prism Audio: Sena 20S Bluetooth Communicator Sena GP10 Bluetooth Back for GoPro Check out and like my Facebook page for updates and more ramblings... I'm also on Instagram Help our Veterans fight P.T.S.D. Riders for Warriors Instagram

CBR600RR 2004 double projector bi xenon lens installation Please click on the link here in the top, you can find the products in our shop! Check out our new Facebook group: Always want double lights, and ofcource a good light output? This is a pretty easy set up, with automatic centred projectors and special made brackets. 0:03 remove the bulbs and put the headlight in the box for about 16 minutes 0:14 separate the glass from the housing with a flat screw driver 0:22 unscrew the reflector with the leveling screws 0:31 remove the black clips, these will be reused later on the new brackets 0:38 screw the projectors in the special brackets wth the included screws and spacers 1:41 now you've to place the black clips from earlier and put the whole bracket back in the housing and screw it u with the leveling screws on the back 2:03 glue the shrouds (with normal contact glue of 2 components epoxy) on the projector (I've mount angel eyes on these and painted them black matte) 2:20 put the glass back on the houses after you've checked there's still enough butyl inside! 2:25 put it back in the carton box and heat it again for about 16 minutes 2:43 press the glass in the housing and make 22mm holes in the rubber caps for the wires 3:11 remove the pins in the connector to release it, so you can put these wires through the rubber rings 4:05 place the bulbs in the projector and secure them, put the rubber caps on the back and place the pins back in the connectors 4:58 final view low beam 5:00 final view angel eyes Any questions? Contact us directly! +31 (0)341-820220 Tolweg 2W 3851SK Ermelo Netherlands