turbo saturn drag racing fail

this is my turbo saturn trying to launch at the drag strip. i went too low on tire pressure and hooked up too good. best run of the night wast 8.264 in the 1/8th mile 1.84 60ft at 81 mph. was hoping to get in the 7s this night.

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turbo saturn wagon drag racing
this is my turbo saturn wagon running at us43 drag way in tennessee. 15lbs of Boost on 22x 8x 15 slicks at 10lbs of pressure. this run i ran a 8.264 in the 8th with a 1.84 60ft at 81mph. this was my best run of the day. hope to hit the high 7s next week.

Saturn racing Firebird
I almost got him. I had a better reaction time so he had to come around me . His margin of victory was only 0.0193 !

turbo saturn wagon
getting it tuned was hoping to get in the 7's

website for this project's turbo build at www.saturnpioneer.webs.com I was finally able to get the car to the track for some runs. This was the first run. I'd not drag raced in over 10 years and it showed! Wheel spin in first and some in second in later runs plagued me but I'm working on that now with a dual Boost controller, the homemade type. I stated race gas I bought was 30 $ per gallon. I meant to say, 30 $ for 3 gallons. Its been so long that I'd forgotten how expensive that stuff was. I got some just to give an added buffer of timing protection. This first run netted 14.4 @ 99 mph. If I can get control of wheel spin, I'm sure it will be good for very low 14's with possibly a blip into the very high 13's. I made a total of 5 runs but the lines got so long, I gave up and figured next time I'd get there earlier. But, I'm happy at the performance for what I have into this project.