Apex Trackday MSR Cresson 1.3CCW 1994 Mazda Miata

94 Miata R package, 15x8 6ul 205/50/15 Advan AD08, Bilstein HD, Ebay Coilover 550/350

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Mazda MX5 Donington Park Trackday 08/08/13

Spec Miata track day fun with friends (aka - trying to keep off the dirt) - Napa Speedway
Kelly, Doug and I getting a little practice in at Napa Speedway in our Spec Miatas. On lap 4 I got two wheels into the dirt, and then miss-shifted, which pretty much blew my next few laps. I ended up just pulling over for a few minutes to get my #%#$ together. Kelly got some nice air on lap 5 when he put all four wheels onto the dirt and the came back on track in a hurry.

Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Car | MSR Cresson 1.3 Mile Road Course
1st time running the 997 GT3 Cup on the Motorsports Ranch 1.3 Mile configuration...we also put in a passenger seat :-)

NA Miata at MSR 1.3 trying to keep up with the GT3s
First time to have the Miata at a track. Running MSR 1.3. Tuned 1.8 with header and intake Gutted interior Hard Dog roll bar w/door bars Tien Flex Flyin Miata Front bar APR GTC-200 Street tires (225 RS3s) Best time was a 1:12.5