12 Second 1/4 mile Ford Flex Ecoboost with nitrous!

To discuss EcoBoost Performance go to http://ecoBoostperformanceforum.com World's fastest and quickest Flex 10/27/2012 My first Nitrous passes with a 75 shot Flex modifications: 100 octane tune Ghetto Exhaust cutout Custom Airaid UBI intake 75 shot of Nitrous Want power for your ecoBoost powered vehicle? Come to http://ecopowerparts.com

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First Ecoboost to make 600WHP! 2011 Ford Flex Ecoboost ATP Turbo upgrade
Please read for vehicle information! http://ecoBoostperformanceforum.com http://ecopowerparts.com for all your EcoBoosted vehicle parts! Took the Flex to the Dyno after installing the new ATP turbo upgrades available at http://eb-pp.com The motor is STOCK internals. The car has the following mods: Dual in tank fuel pumps 6 auxiliary injectors Split-Sec aux injector controller Car runs on straight E85 - 23 degrees of timing. PPE Engineering 2.5" catted downpipes with stock cat-back. Custom turbo to Intercooler and Intercooler to throttle body piping with silicone tubes to replace factory plastic/rubber parts. Replaced factory electric BoV with Tial BoV. First pull 505HP/515TQ 15PSI - using stock ECU for Boost control Second pull 563HP/598TQ 23PSI - removed connection to factory Boost controller, turbos running on wastegate spring Third pull 587HP/642TQ 25PSI - same as second pull - allowed the Boost activated cutout to open Fourth pull 592HP/630TQ 25PSI - same as third pull - disconnected piping to filter in the fender Unseen pull 600HP/642TQ - Cutout open, car had sat as we were uploading files to ECU - car was running cold air intake Thanks to: Black Market Racing (install/Dyno) SCT Tuning and Unleashed tuning (for the tune on the car and hardware to do it) ATP turbos (+2 Upgraded turbos) PPE Engineering (2.5" catted downpipes) Airaid (UBI intake) Split Second (Aux injector controller) Megan Racing (making the car look cool)

verry fast ford flex ecoboost
tuned by LSG performance-transmission. https://www.facebook.com/lsgperformance?ref=stream&fref=nf

Ford Flex Ecoboost vs Jeep SRT8 drag race
To discuss EcoBoost Performance go to http://ecoBoostperformanceforum.com I took my 2011 EcoBoost Ford Flex to the track, only mods are H&R springs for lowering and http://www.unleashedtuning.com/ - Torrie - SCT 91 octane base tune. It was over 100 degress when I arrived at tech inspection at 9:30 at night. Jeep SRT8 race is the second race To compare to a stock 2013 6.4L SRT8 Jeep which ran a 13.0@100 MPH this time is dead on for a stock 6.1L SRT8 with the high temps we had that night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRfQBfPGm-c

Undercover Ultra Flex & Undercover Swing Case at SEMA 2016
Undercover Ultra Flex: https://www.midwestaftermarket.com/undercover-ultra-flex-hard-folding-tonne au-cover.php?search=Ultra+Flex Undercover Swing Cases: https://www.midwestaftermarket.com/undercover-swingcase.php?search=Swing+Ca se The all new Undercover Ultra Flex is a brand new hard folding truck bed cover that has all of the benefits as the Undercover Flex but now there's more. The ultra finished under panel now gives a carpet-like finish that provides ultimate protection with a touch of class. Each cover also comes standard with saddlebag storage and a luminous bed lighting system. It also features a new ultra easy tailgate seal that allows you to close the cover whether your tailgate is up or down. If you're looking for a sleek, easy to install cover that is covered by a lifetime warranty, the Undercover Ultra Flex is the tonneau cover for you! The Undercover Swing Cases are designed to provide convenient storage for your truck bed while allowing the box to swing out for easy access. The cases are lockable to keep everything secure and they quickly remove so you can take your gear with you. The case is designed to stand up on it's own once removed from the truck bed. Questions? Feel free to contact us directly at 800-951-3955. Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO04RCBnHFOPO8oP5ET58bg Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/midwestaftermarket/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MidwestAMKT Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/midwestaftermarket/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/10260310/ Snapchat: MidwestAMKT Transcript: Hey everybody, it's Heather with Midwest Aftermarket, I am with Mike from Undercover and he's going to show us the brand new Ultra Flex. So the brand new Ultra Flex is the newest folding cover from Undercover. You're familiar with the Flex, this is actually our premium matte finish style which is what we call the Ultra Flex. The biggest noticed difference between the Flex and the Ultra Flex is the new rigid tailgate. You can actually close, open and close the tailgate without lifting the cover. It has a three piece seal on the underneath side so it allows the cover to seal properly around here. A new feature is now we have gone from FRP fiberglass reinforced polymer which is a plastic to an aluminum sheet. It is 30% stronger and dent resistant than most of the competitors out there. Underneath side, we added another feature to it, it's actually carpeted by BedRug. It gives it more of a finished look underneath, it also keeps it quiet when you're folding it. So the carpet adds a nice touch to it. It still has the standard features of the Flex, still props up there and keeps it off the glass. It also still straps in the same position as the Flex would here. Another key feature of the Ultra Flex is we changed the design of the rail. We've gone from a standard flat rail to an L shaped rail which allows for easier installation on the Flex. One of the last things to is you'll notice on the finish, it is that premium matte finish. Matte is hot right now in the aftermarket so we've got a new matte finish product. A couple additional features that come with the cover is that you get two B lights, so two LED light strips and a storage bag with a 5 year warranty on Ultra Flex. So these are going to be available December 1st you said? They will start to ship to the public right around December 1st. So that was the Ultra Flex, now let's talk about these cool little toolboxes on the inside. These are the Undercover Swing cases. So the Undercover Swing Case is a storage box that is movable, it's not stationary, you have trays. It is an injected, molded piece and it locks to the bed with a clamp system. It is also removable, swing it off, take it to the job site, take it hunting fishing you name it. I have heard they make coolers out of them. So basically you have a box with a bracket on top that attaches to the bracket here that is actually drilled into your bed here. So you do have to drill it into your bed? You do have to drill it into your bed. The F-150 is a non-drill application that actually goes in a bracket here under the taillight lens. With the new Fords going to aluminum, you can't drill into aluminum. Once you put it back right on, close it, it's locked right there to the bed. We have a lock capability right here up top. You also if you've got a cover and you're throwing your wallet keys in there, you can actually lock it to a padlock here. It will actually secure it to the truck. Alright well that was Mike with Undercover. That's the new Ultra Flex and the new Swing Cases. If you guys have any questions or need more information, visit our website at midwestaftermarket.com Thanks.