KX 500 drag racing against streetbikes

VW open 2009 Kiikala airfield. 12.6s/167kmh. Good for the MX bike.

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KX 500 Are You Ready
Check out our Site!! http://www.everythingdirtbikes.com/ The first trip out of the yard on the KX500. After some adjusting (Mostly your right wrist) this bike becomes very easy to ride.Its very stable and very fast and a complete riot to play on!It can be putted around and has gobs of low end making it hard to stall and easy on your clutch hand.Then when you want to go fast and I mean real fast just pop her a gear higher and turn the throttle half open. I really Really like this sucker: )

kx 500 race
kx 500 with pipe racing a suzuki ltr450 with all bolt ons and a 25 shot of nos

1991 KX 500

KX500 motor 1999 KX 500 race sand dunes glamis halloween
1999 KX500 motor for sale on ebay. It was only started in the garage before this run so it's alittle loaded up on the start of video. 165 psi and runs strong (have pics of compression tester). Includes electronics, carb, shifter, and Kicker. This set up runs perfect. Clutch is tight. No sprocket wobble, and cases are undamaged. 100% positive feedback on ebay. ebay ID is mowenjoseph if you want to see more KX or CR 500 parts.