STM's ricer cant get traction

STM's ricer cant get traction - Shop the largest selection of Evo 7/ 8/ 9 Parts and more. With over a decade of specializing in the Evo market, check out our About page to learn more about our story:

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Shauna backing ricer out the trailer at the NC/SC meet

STM Evo goes BOOM! DSM/EVO Shootout 2010
STM Ricer Evo at the Buschur Shootout...Blew a headgasket... This car was running strong all day and then BOOM!

StreetThisEVO - 9.42 @ 151.07 mph - 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX - Buschur Racing
Finally got to take the car out with the new setup for 2011. Still getting used to everything. Shifts are a little slow as I was just working on getting it down the track nice and straight. I was blowing the tires off even in second gear. Buschur Power!!! I plan to get out soon and hopefully get that 8 second pass. Timeslip is as follows: 60 ft - 1.4615 330 ft - 4.0716 1/8 et - 6.1610 1/8 mph - 115.04 1000 ft - 7.9193 1/4 et - 9.4244 1/4 mph - 151.07

Eric's Stock Block 6466 Evo 8 - 9 Second 1/4 Mile
This street car has all the goodies and power to run a 9 second pass, and be driven home from the track with a simple tire swap! Check out the video and leave comments below!