STM's ricer cant get traction

STM's ricer cant get traction

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STM Evo goes BOOM! DSM/EVO Shootout 2010
STM Ricer Evo at the Buschur Shootout...Blew a headgasket... This car was running strong all day and then BOOM!

Ricer vs Tuner & Muscle
Collection of Ricers being dumb and Tuners being awesome! Also we can't forget the hardcore Muscle cars. Check out my Subaru Legacy restoration and other random car shenanigans on my channel. Music Used: The Show Must Be Go! -Kevin Macleod FEWZ - Levitate Videos Used in Order of Apearence Ricer Exhaust: Civic Hatchback With LOUD Exhaust Revving And Flooring It: ricer fly bys and revs of a 1.8t jetta open downpipe: Knysna HillClimb 2012 - Jade Gutzeit 1000hp Nissan Skyline R34 - King Of The Hill Winning Run: Toyota Supra turbo Boost Logic Exhaust: 2005 Subaru WRX STi with Crawford Performance Gymkhana 1 Exhaust: My 2003 Ford Mustang GT Borla S Catback Exhaust: 1600HP Toyota Supra 2-Step Revs -- Acceleration: Mitsubishi Evolution X in Qatar: Zaphora in the fall: 350z riced out: Epic fail Ricer 350z: Ricer Fail: Ricers, Fails, And Women Drivers EP.8!: My brakes didnt work!! LOL Ricers.....: MY RIMS!!! Man! Oh! I gotta call my Dad!: Ricer Flyby owned: Silly ricer misses gear shifts 3rd to 2nd and crashes car.: Ricer BMW: Ricer Files Captain 3000GT and the Bullshit Brigade: Ricer Files The Sunfire Guy.: 2003 Mustang cobra vtec - domestic ricer: 700hp K20 Civic vs. 700hp Blown C7 Vette Roll Race: Boosted K20 Civic vs WRX: BEAST MODE-Zach's Hatch Dyno Day!: Also I found this video but couldn't fit it in: 2002 Subaru WRX - 9 Sec 1-4 Mile Passes - PTE 6766 - IAG Closed Deck - NF Performance:

The Typical Ricer!
just poking fun at ricers and ourselves.

Worst Driver Ever
On Our way to Kansas City from Columbia Missouri, along I-70 what seemed liked a tall man was rocking back and forth in the back seat of this infinity sedan ahead of us. The car was a danger to other cars around, but any attempt to pass was met with an non-signaled cut off and then the woman driving would put on her brakes. At first you'd think this was just a pathetic driver, but the "man" in the back seat turned out to be a 10-12 year old boy who was flipping off truck drivers while getting them to honk, and giving the bird to other cars. The cars hazards would come on randomly while driving in the fast lane. There was a younger boy up front. Neither kid had their seatbelt on, this one in the back kept opening the window and leaning out really far and screaming into this telephone. At one point both kids were facing us giving us the bird, for no reason other than...we were watching. Then the older one kept mooning us. Classy driving lady, You're a real winner.