Hot Rod Station Wagon - Holley

Stacey and our friends at Holley Performance show you how even that old family grocery getter can be more than meets the eye. It just goes to show that looks can be deceiving and you might want to think twice when granny pulls up next to you at the stop light in her station wagon. You never know what's under the hood!

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The Cheetah Gets Her Growl [Season 9 Ep10 PREVIEW]
Premiere: Friday, June 19, 2015 Full Schedule here: Stacey digs back into the Cheetah project by finishing up the stance with custom wheels and tires, and then goes through the in’s and out’s of putting a classic Hilborn fuel injection on a modern LS engine….and the Dyno numbers show that the engine likes it as much as you will! After that Stacey sits down with a budding car designer that is making a big impact everywhere he goes and there’s also a tip on the importance of seals and gaskets. It’s all about getting out and turning wrenches, and you’re only gonna find it on GEARZ!

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