Hot Rod Station Wagon - Holley

Stacey and our friends at Holley Performance show you how even that old family grocery getter can be more than meets the eye. It just goes to show that looks can be deceiving and you might want to think twice when granny pulls up next to you at the stop light in her station wagon. You never know what's under the hood!

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Hot Rod Station Wagon [S6 Ep.9-1]
Station Wagons...Love them or hate them, we all have some stories to tell about them! But most of us have never dreamed that a wagon could be a Hot rod or cool custom...but they can! Today on GEARZ, Stacey shows how much fun a wagon can be when it has an LS engine under the hood, and two four barrel carburetors sitting on it. If you ever wanted to thrash your Dad's old Wagon, this is the show for you! After that Stacey digs into some of the most asked questions regarding shooting waterborne paint, and finally we take a trip to Texas to see how one body-man created his own business by selling tools, instead of using them. If you are looking for a new career, this could be your answer.

Puttin' the Heart in the Cat [Season 9 Ep6 Preview]
Moving deeper into the build of the Cheetah Evolution, Stacey and the crew pull the skin off this cat and start putting in the guts. Overviews of suspension, steering, and brakes get this project up and running. Moving into the heart of this beast, Stacey shows us that good things do come in small packages—the LSX 454 small block is sure to get your pulse rate up. And once the transmission is mounted, look out! Headers follow, and this cat is almost ready to run. Stacey’s tool tech will give you a lift.…all this and more, today, on GearZ.

Restoring Plastic Light Lenses [S5 Ep.4-3]
We all know what a Hot Rod is right? Well today on GEARZ, Stacey pushes the boundaries of traditional Hot Rod thinking by showing you a vintage Hot Rod that FLIES! We don't mean down the road! If you've ever wondered what it's like to build, restore, and fly a vintage biplane, then this is the show to see. It's exposed engine, open cockpit, wind-in-your-face cruising at its best! Then it's back to the shop where Stacey deals with the classic problem facing drivers all across the country.....dull hazy head light lenses. With a few simple tools and techniques, He quickly shows you how to make them as good as new, and save some serious cash...... and that'll have you singing "I can see clearly now, the haze is gone" Only on GEARZ!

Cheetah Paws [Season 9 Ep7 Preview]
The GearZ crew heads out on the prowl to visit a budding young mechanic with a passion for 4X4’s. Back in the garage, Stacey gets in tight with the Cheetah, installing seats and the dash. Selecting Gauges and placement are discussed, an AC unit will help keep this cat cool, taillights are fitted, and the side pipes will give this Cheetah some growl! Stacey’s tool tech will keep your project on time and on budget. And Fast Orange cleans more than your hands. All this on GearZ.