Blowin' the Roof off the Jeep


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Play in your Jeep Steering?
IF so you might want to watch this video

Jeep timing chain finished and running
Oh she's sweet now

Tempory fix for loose steering Jeep
This will hold it till I can get time to pull it apart and rebuild that frame section

John Durham's Supertone Banjo going home!
She's all good now. Enjoy playin' her John A youtuber named John, said his girl friend's banjo was in their family and wanted to know if I could restore it. I don't restore banjos, but I told him to send it and I'd see if I could get it to play. The banjo belonged to John Reed Durham, born 1917 was a teacher in Kentucky. He inherited the banjo from family members, unknown, so the banjo is older than that, and as I understand it Sears stopped using the Supertone brand about that time. Anyway, I figured that by fixing the banjo I would not only be doing them a kindness, but I could answer questions people have asked me about how to fix and repair a banjo. Hope you enjoy it.