Viper Racing League Practice Session - Feb 27, 2010 - Rogue ACR-X

This is a video of me and Bernie. I liked this video because we were 2-wide from Horseshoe through Boot Hill, Tombstone, and all the way to Big Bend side-by-side. Bernie's new World Challenge Viper Competition Coupe is just beautiful. The track was very cold and slick today.

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The Last Viper from Pennzoil (Official)
We pushed every ounce of the Dodge Viper ACR’s 645 horsepower into a farewell performance for the ages. Watch Pennzoil say goodbye to an iconic American sports car in The Last Viper. Learn more at Go behind the scenes of The Last Viper: Learn about The Venom in Every Viper: Check the specs of the Dodge Viper ACR: Learn more at Follow Pennzoil on social media:

Love discovering new tracks. This was not my fastest lap of the weekend as I had to check up for a car that went of road after turn 8 but the only session I used my Harry's Lap timer. HMP is a very fast rhythm track (another Alan Wilson job) with some very fast high speed corners. It is a haul to get out there so this could have been my first and last but it was a really rewarding day. The track's owner and founder George is half of the magic of the place. As for what is fast....Any cars with serious down force Like an ACR or Viper Competition coupe would be in nirvana at this wicked fast track. In fact there were 5 ACRXs , several ACRS and Bob Woodhouse's Comp Coupe which put down a blistering 1:28.

Viper Racing League - 8/29/09 - Texas World Speedway
This is my first race with the Viper Racing League (Viper Days/NARRA) at Texas World Speedway on Saturday 8/29/09. We have a rolling start with a pace car and ran 12 laps for about 30 minutes. I edited this video from the 30 minute race down to 10 minutes so it would fit within the YouTube! time limit. We also had a 26 lap inverted race on Sunday for about 50 minutes but my camera messed up and I only got the first lap and it shut off. Anyway, I came in 3rd place in both races behind the World Challenge competition coupes which are much faster and have better drivers. I was extremely happy to come in 3rd. In this race, I started out in the 3rd row inside and managed to get behind Tom in his white/blue comp coupe. I chased him most of the race just waiting for a mistake. He began losing his tires and I managed to stick my nose in on turn 13. He was gracious and let me by but could have easily kept me from passing. We were pretty even the whole race and it was tons of fun. Thanks, Tom! The next race is Roebling Road in Georgia and then off to Daytona on the Rolex Series course.

Kinnekulle Ring 31 maj 2015 Modsport 1&2
Viper Competition Coupe #105, Bäst varvtid 53.017 på varv 14/15