Performance Power Racing IN-CAR footage standing mile

Performance Power Racing Twin turbo Ford GT @ Mile Marker 1 Standing Mile Raw Video Footage of our brand new smarty cam in car view check out the other video @ first time out in the standing mile we recorded 228mph on our gps but this is the only video footage of our 220 mph..remember this is with our small motor and small turbos and a car that weighs in @ 3900lbs w/driver and has the drivability of a stock ford gt........stroker motor and bigger turbos coming soon....we came home with the top speed run @ mile marker 1 in Miami, FL.... performance power racing 4657 southern blvd

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PERFORMANCE POWER RACING TWIN turbo FORD GT 26 psi 5.4 PPR built motor, custom fuel system, custom fabricated twin turbo system, performance power racing custom tuned, built, and owned we plan on becoming the first street car to break 250mph in the standing mile. stay tuned for drag strip and road course footage. Never underestimate a well built all around supercar brought to you by 4657 southern blvd west palm beach,fl 33415 561-688-0304

Standing mile, 228mph Supra
Tommy Banh's 1998 Supra turbo hitting 228mph in the standing mile. This is in the Texas Mile event at the Goliad Airport in Goliad Texas. Video presented by EVS Motors Inc.

Performance Power Racing 252.97mph World Record Standing Mile Run
PPR Ford GT World's Fastest Production Car in the Standing Mile at the Top Gun Run Event driven, Built, and owned by Johnny Bohmer of Performance Power Racing in West Palm Beach, Florida

Ford GT PPR World Record 2010
KBN See Action News was on the scene at the Dade Collier Training and Transition Airport just off the Tamiami Trail outside of Miami, Florida. Performance Power Racing set the world speed record for production street cars. Johnny Bohmer, Performance Power Racing, World Speed Record 252.97 mph, Sikspeed was there, but Sea Quest Kids had not yet met RJ Hunt and his crew. You can check out all of us at If you like what you see at Sikspeed you can join through the link at Sea Quest Kid and have your own free garage. Joining through the link on our page will help Sea Quest Kids the little league of boating and the Kids Boating Network and KBN Sea Action News. Also check out and