Motorcycle Fairing Repair on abs plastic - Paint Part 4

Prepping, primer and painting the plastics. Painting the fairings after all the prepping. Then I'll be heading off to my friend's paint shop to shoot the final clear coat with a spray gun. The rattle cans end up with too much orange peel.

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Repaint of Motorcycle (Yamaha Mio) by Samurai Paint
Welcome to how to video on repainting your Yamaha Mio motorcycle using Samurai paint! We will be showing you everything from disassembly to all steps of painting and back to assembly.We have painted all the fairings, muffler protector and magwheels. The paints used are the following: 1. 2K04 Surfacer Grey as primer for all the parts. (2 cans) 2. UC Y9014 Dark Purplish Blue Met as undercoat for the front and side fairings. (1 can) 3. TC Y9014 Dark Purplish Blue Met as topcoat for the front and side fairings. (1 can) 4. Y124 Star Silver for the muffler protector and center fairing. (1 can) 5. W41 New Bronze for the magwheels. (1 can) 6. 2K01 Top Clear Coat as final coat for all parts for that glossy mirror finish and to protect against the elements for 5 years. (2 cans) Please subscribe to our channel for more videos. Please like our Facebook page Samurai Philippines!

How to Spray Paint Motorcycle Parts. Speed T Project
A Step by Step Guide to painting bike parts. This custom spray paint job is a Candy Apple Red and gold over silver flakes. Using this method makes it easy to mask up different lines and get clean shapes with spray paint. Check out Song: ONLAP - Whispers In My Head Check out the artist's pages! Song at the end: Song: Phantom Sage - Hollow [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link:

How To Use Spray Can for Professional Paint Job thats easy and awesome!
How To Use Spray Can For Professional Paint Job thats easy and awesome. When you wanted to paint with a spray can and have it look professional this video is for you!. I first start with A Deglosser to dull the paint and get it ready for yo to spray with spray-can. Paint Deglosser prepares dirty or glossy surfaces for new paint or finish. It eliminates the need for sanding and cleans surfaces to minimize chipping, cracking and peeling between old and new finishes.Works on latex or oil-base paints, enamels, varnishes and other finishes Saves time & mess—easier than sanding Increases adhesion. Helps new paint bond to old finishes Cleans and removes dirt, stains, grease & wax make sure to read directions on all products you use. Have lots of clean cool water on hand because after every sanding you need to wipe it clean. That way the spray-can paint will stick and have a smooth finish. Start with 600 grit sand paper and work your way up to 3000 grit paper.Sand in small circular movements. Making sure to keep surface and sand paper wet. Next tape off all unwanted surfaces you do not want the spray-can paint to be painted.

Spraying Motorbike Parts
Spraying Motorbike Fairings, I will be using Cromax 600 range solvent basecoat in midnight metallic blue and Duxone Plus 2K clear, the parts had been sprayed with acrylic paint and had runs, dry spray and cracks all through them so the owner wanted a quick tidy up. I repaired and finished off with 320 grit then applied some wet on wet primer (sealer) then base and clear. Unedited RAW footage of work done by The Gunman This is my 2nd Channel, see below links to my pages Gunman RAW on FaceBook Main YouTube Channel Website Main Facebook page Instagram Follow me on Twitter through this link Flickr Tumblr Vine