Mike's 73 Duster...too fast?? 1000 rwhp

Mike's talking about his Duster trying to compete in the 8.50 index class on his freshly built SDCE 382 cubed twin turbo set up. horsepower happens here! www.sd-concepts.com

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Columbus Winter Nationals 2012 - 1150lb Diesel Class
2012 Columbus Winter Nationals NQS Diesel Class: Results: 1.) Calvin Becker - 251.95 Feet 2.) Bill Jacobsen - 237.68 Feet 3.) Tyler Beachy - 226.01 Feet 4.) Todd Markle - 224.50 Feet 5.) Ken Lucius - 218.52 Feet 6.) Bryan Strobel - 143.20 Feet 7.) Jim Stewart - 116.22 Feet 8.) Jared Brown - DNF

2000hp + Twin Supercharged Duster!
We've seen twin turbos plenty, but it's not too often you see Twin SUPER CHARGERS! Darryl Johnson's badass 572ci Twin Procharger Powered 1400hp+ (current power in the video) 1970 Duster sounds amazing and will be flying down the track even faster than you see here once it's all sorter out! See it on Drag Week this year!

1972 Plymouth Duster 440 Pistol Grip 4 Speed NICEST DUSTER ON THE PLANET

'70 800+hp Blown Plymouth Duster sound
Piikkilä Veli-Pekka 1970 800+hp Blown Plymouth Duster 8,2l sound JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: http://join.quizgroup.com/?ref=268293