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The Sixth Sense - Motorway Cops (full)

Deadly Distractions - Motorway Cops (full)
The motorway cops attempt to crack down on truckers who fail to pay attention to the road ahead. Many truckers are literally above the law, as the lorries are so high up that the cops in their patrol cars cannot see what the drivers are up to. But the police have a solution, using their own HGV to see what the truckers get up to when they are driving on the motorway. PC Angus Nairn also leads the assault on truckers who pull tricks to stay on the road far longer than they should do. He teams up with VOSA traffic examiners in an operation to check them out, and they find some very disturbing problems. As night falls, PCs Jess Rojek and Gary Williams race to an accident involving a lorry and two cars in an unlit section of the carriageway but, more disturbingly, they find that the driver of another car who stopped to help has herself been hit by a car as she tried to give assistance to the injured.

Traffic Cops Series 14 Episode 4 - In the Pursuit of Crime 11th February 2016
Traffic Cops Series 14 Episode 4 - In the Pursuit of Crime Over the last decade there has been an average of 20 deaths each year during police pursuits throughout the UK. This episode follows officers from the North Yorkshire Road Policing Group as they chase down career criminals, disqualified drivers and a desperate suspect who fails to stop for the police after a report of a shop theft. An early morning burglary involving a pair of career criminals forces the traffic cops into high-speed pursuit of a stolen car, and with its occupants desperate to evade capture, Tadcaster traffic officers enact a risky boxing tactic to bring the dangerous pursuit to an end. On the outskirts of York, a driver wanted in connection with a shop theft fails to stop for the police, and when she crashes whilst trying to get away from the pursuing officers, the traffic cops are called in to deal with the aftermath of the crash and investigate their colleagues. When a Selby officer spots a disqualified driver parking up outside an address, the traffic cops are placed on alert. After a short stakeout at the address, the disqualified driver returns to the car and soon realises the officers are on his tail. Another high-speed chase ensues, but this time the driver abandons the car. Not willing to let their man get away, the traffic cops call in a search team and a manhunt begins.

Traffic Cops : Excess Alcohol - Series 13 Episode 2 - Fatal road crash
Every year more than 250 people die on Britain's roads as a result of drink driving. In 2014, North Yorkshire Police arrested up to a thousand drivers for being above the legal alcohol limit, and with some of the highest rates of drink driving in the country, all too often North Yorkshire's traffic officers are faced with the tragic consequences of motorists driving under the influence. The traffic cops are on a mission to hunt down habitual drink drivers. When a driver loses control of his car on a rural road and dies at the scene of the accident, they have to investigate the final hours of the man's life prior to the crash to try to determine the cause. Habitual drink drivers are often reported to the police by concerned members of the public. When the police receive a tip-off, a Tadcaster traffic officer spots the suspect as he emerges from a pub. The man fails the roadside breath test, but it can't be used as evidence, and he has to be taken back to the police station to prove evidentially that he is over the limit. With delays to the process, the clock is ticking... An overloaded flat-bed transit van passes a Scarborough traffic officer on the busy A64, and a check on the driver and his load unearths a number of motoring offences. The driver is a chatty chancer but, unbeknownst to him, or so he says, his licence has been revoked for years. A disqualified driver's details are dispatched by the control room. He passes a police vehicle that attempts to pull him over, but to no avail - then, bizarrely, there is a lengthy car chase at 25mph. A driver leaving a pub spots a patrol car, and a five-minute car chase takes place repeatedly around a housing estate. When Harrogate traffic officers eventually stop the car, the driver tries to run away.