Motorway Cops Full [ Deadly Highways ]

At night, a lorry jack-knifes on an unlit section of the M6, and two cars have ploughed full-speed into the underside of its trailer. The roofs of both cars have been taken off in the impact, and one man is dead. But, miraculously, three others have survived. It's up to PCs Elliot, Bullard and Shail to find out if this was simply the hand of fate or if someone is to blame.

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Traffic Cops 2012 Full [ Killer on the Loose ]
The traffic cops deal with a mystery death after a passing cyclist discovers a man's body in the undergrowth. It could be a tragic case of 'hit and run',' but with no clues as to how or why he came to be there, the cops can't be sure. What they do know is that the killer is still on the loose. And, just north of London, another death is narrowly avoided, when a driver high on drink and drugs, smashes the mini he's just stolen into a bus shelter.

Traffic Cops Full [ Chasing The Dragon ]
Traffic Cops Full [ Chasing The Dragon ] A look at the challenges facing Britain's road police. With red tape and paperwork consuming considerable amounts of police time, police in Yorkshire have come up with a new way of showing their authority, by combining officers from four different forces in a one-off blitz on car thieves, drug dealers and criminals using the roads.

Motorway Cops Full [ Traffic Cops Special ]
The police officers who patrol Britain's motorways are under pressure like never before. The number of cars and lorries using our congested roads grows every year but, across the country, the number of cops who patrol the motorways has been cut. In the Midlands, the hub of Britain's road network, the motorway cops have switched from dishing out tickets and helping stranded motorists to concentrate on catching travelling criminals - car thieves and burglars who use the motorways to travel quickly and easily across the country to commit crime. The M6 around Birmingham is Britain's busiest motorway interchange, but even here the search for criminals sometimes has to be put to one side when something more serious occurs. Torrential rainfall in the Midlands has flooded the motorway network, bringing it to a grinding halt, just when the summer holiday season has begun in earnest. The tailback of cars, vans and lorries stretches for more than 35 miles; thousands of motorists will be forced to spend a cold and uncomfortable night in their cars unless the motorway cops can get them moving again. But as their search and rescue mission gets underway, the cops come across some unusual and illegal behaviour.