Bad Drivers Caught On Dash Cam Compilation 7

Fails & Random Stuff In Order: 1. A rolling fail, box on wheels 2. Cool old model A Ford truck 3. Lady almost stops at a green light then she drives 30mph in a 45mph 4. Motorcycle takes off real fast in tune with my music HA! 5. SUV drives off the side of the road. 6. Car cuts off my girlfriend when she is driving 7. Car almost hits me, if I would'nt of honked and stopped she would of hit me. Its like I wasent even there. 8. Car wash escapde. First they won't then they will. Just something very random I threw in there.

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Car wash fail, one good example of how you do not get your car washed. Max carwash fallbrook ca
via YouTube Capture

Halfway from San Francisco to Los Osos we stopped at a Mobil gas station. We had no idea how to use this carwash. Instructions were hidden and once we were inside there was noise and wetness and soap. It was confusing.

Car wash Fail
This guy seems to have never been through a car wash, he places His rear wheels where the front wheels should have been, resulting in only half, if not less, of his car being washed. Fail.

Walking Through a Car Wash...
Why not walk through a car wash?