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Bad Drivers Caught On Dash Cam Compilation 7

Fails & Random Stuff In Order: 1. A rolling fail, box on wheels 2. Cool old model A Ford truck 3. Lady almost stops at a green light then she drives 30mph in a 45mph 4. Motorcycle takes off real fast in tune with my music HA! 5. SUV drives off the side of the road. 6. Car cuts off my girlfriend when she is driving 7. Car almost hits me, if I would'nt of honked and stopped she would of hit me. Its like I wasent even there. 8. Car wash escapde. First they won't then they will. Just something very random I threw in there.


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Bad Drivers Caught On Dash Cam Compilation 8
SPECIAL PERSONAL EDITION!! Clips in Order: 1. A Rolling Fail, ugly Box Car Dosen't Know where To Go 2. Car turns from straight lane without slowing down either 3. A random Walmart moment to see a girl going into walmart wrapped in a blanket, it wasen't that cold at all. 4. Blanket girl and her friends are back LOL! 5. Van runs stop sign in front of me then speeds off. 6. Dumbass driver cuts into my lane while turning and almost gets a face full of my dodge ram! 7. The Special Edition Part. My dad gets T-Boned by a speeding car that runs stop sign. The aftermath video and picture footage. 8. Car runs red light in front of me. 2 days from when my dad was hit! The other car was actually on the same road that my dad was on. We were about 3 blocks from where my dad got hit and it was around the same time in the early morning. Just very crazy to me.

Bad Drivers Caught On Dash Cam Compilation 6
Fails In Order: 1. Car cuts into my lane and I almost run him over 2. SUV Pulls out of liquor store and cuts across traffic in a really bad way. 3. A rolling fail. One of the ugliest cars ever made, The Nissan Cube 4. Nothing bad just the sweet sound of my truck :) 5. I was out storm chasing and a car spins out car of rainy road cause if driving to fast for the conditions. 6. Either I was shot at or someone fired a gun very close to where I was. I know what guns sound like and it was a gun. 7. Car runs red light 8. People pushing their babies in storllers down a busy road on a friday night. 9. A pervert watching young teens forgets where his gas pedal is cause of watching them. 10. Guy Jaywalking flips ME off twice and say fuck you so I replied back LOL!

Bad Drivers Caught On Dash Cam Compilation 9
Clips In Order, INCLUDING ONE OF MY OWN! Oops! 1.A clusterf!@k, first a car won't get in turn lane to turn which cause a small back up of cars, blocks intersection and then two cars run red light. 2. Failmobile Sighting! A box on wheels, a rolling fail! 3. Guy with flashlight walking down road. Actually smart idea so cars can see him better. 4. Car won't stay in lane and then starts to come in my lane 5. Cars lights were flickering, broken. 6. Two red light runners 7. I ran a stop sign at a three way stop 8. Line hugger 9. Truck dosent signal and cuts me off 10. Messing with a security guard friend of mine at my work after closing. He didn't know it was me at first. He actually pulls his gun out.

Bad Drivers Caught On Dash Cam Compilation 10
Clips In Order: 1. Red Light Moped Runner 2. Confused Slow Driver 3. Red light Runner 4. Car Gets In Turn Lane Way To Early & Almost Causes Wreck 5. Truck Cuts Off 2 Other trucks and car drive down side of road 6. Family Van Off Roading almost hits me 7. Truck Driving on the wrong side of the road 8. Trucks cut in front of me very close 9. SUV pulls out to far in the road at stop sign 10. Very bad red light runner

Bad Drivers and Incidentals Caught on Tape June 2011
Bad drivers and other incidentals caught on my dash cam while at work in late May through June. All these are in various parts of the San Francisco Bay area. The music just the local oldies station. In the fast lane of music there are good songs and a few crappy ones.

Car Crash Compilation # 63
✔SUBSCRIBE http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=CarCrashCompilation ✔Like Us On Facebook http://www.facebook.com/CarCrashCompilationTV All crashes in this video are non-fatal.Take this video as a learning tool. This video is only for educational purposes. Be careful on the road. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe. Watch Dash Cam Videos http://www.youtube.com/user/Portreem .

Real GTA Russian style
Minsk traffic police announced the first details of yesterday's proceedings black Mercedes. How to tell the inspectors, service weapon was used. Named and the reason is in the back seat of the car were a woman with a child. Registration mark Mercedes 400 (S-Class) is installed, the driver is wanted. At the traffic police reported the following: "Yesterday, around 14:27, in Victor's Avenue in Minsk driver Mercedes S-Class dark color is not complied with state inspector to stop and continued to move. Inspectors decided to pursue the car. The driver of a Mercedes Avenue winners turned on the street. Orel, and moved through it at high speed, in flagrant violation of traffic rules. In the area of ​​Bangalore, he went beyond the roadway by curbs on the sidewalk and moved on it. He then continued to move on the street. Surganova to the intersection with the street. Kuibyshev, and after - on the street. To Kuibyshev Street. Kuhlman. Follow the route pursued was still light vehicles

Carwash Fail
Guy has door open at carwash.

Random Moments Caught On Dash Cam Compilation 1
These are crazy, funny, wtf, etc. daily random occurrences that I see in my daily driving around and to and from work. Clips In Order: 1; Amish Paradise 2. Big Farm Tractor. 3. A 5 Way Stop In The Middle Of The Country Side 4. Tight Fit 5. Ghost Cart At Grocery Store 6. Shooting Range Very Close To Raod 7. Trying To Catch Loose Little Dog 8. Landfill Dumptruck 9. Rescuing A Kitten 10. Redneck Roundup Time! End Support Our Troops!

Bad Drivers Caught On Dash Cam Compilation 5
Fails In Order: 1: Car pulls out in front of me like I'm not even there and then dosent signal to turn. 2: Truck turns from wrong lane and causes a small clusterf!@k 3: Truck driving down a turn lane head on with me while I'm trying to turn 4: Car drives up on curb, hits fence and gets stuck for 13 minutes. It was a woman driver LOL! Plus might of been a little intoxicated after just leaving the r at closing time.

Bad Drivers and Incidentals Caught on Tape November 2011
Bad drivers and other incidentals caught on my dash cam while at work in November 2011. All these are in various parts of the San Francisco Bay area. The music is the local oldies station 103.7 in the SF Bay area.


Episode 1: NoVA Dashcam Compilation - Bad Drivers
The people drive so bad around here, that I decided to make a music video out of it. Hopefully you find it entertaining, as I enjoyed putting it together. Tools used: Kodak ZX5 Camcorder, mostly with a wide angle lens @ 1080p, a Sunpak Platinum Plus Click 'n Stick suction cup camera mount, Bracketron GPS dashboard pad (non-adhesive). Also, Sony Vegas Home Studio 9 Platinum, and a lot of patience (I'm about 20% of where I want to be where video editing is concerned). I used Arcsoft's watered down (for Kodak) MediaImpression to create the clips from the raw MP4 files. It is the only thing I have that does this losslessly. The song is "The End is Nigh" by David Leung Haslam ( http://www.rattic.co.uk ), and it was the main menu theme for the UT2004 mod, Killing Floor. He was gracious enough to give me permission to use this song, which has been one of my favorites for a very long time. Philosophy behind this video: I originally planned on typing up a bunch of insightful stuff, but it can mostly be summed up to: Driving is dangerous, so pay attention to what the hell you're doing, and how your actions affect others on the road. I don't care if you speed, I don't even care if you cut me off (just don't go slower than I am). But if I have to make otherwise unnecessary movements to avoid hitting you, then you are a problem. I did make a 12 minute video review for the camera that I use, with a different YouTube account (I want to dedicate this one to dash cam videos, hence the name NOVAdashcam). If you are interested, it is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUFZhtJQ3FU

HOW TO: Custom Headliner
This is a video to show you how to install a custom headliner. This was the first headliner I've ever done so it may not be perfect. This was a very cheap and fairly simple project. If you have any questions, comment below. ♫Royalty-Free Music: "Where Is Your God Now?" by DJ Void DJ Void YouTube: http://bit.ly/13HfxbK Royalty-Free Music ツ http://freebiefm.com ♫Download Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRf423E0sb0

Episode 4: NoVA Dashcam Compilation - Bad Drivers
The people around here drive so bad, that I decided to make a fourth music video out of it. I hope you find it entertaining, as I enjoyed putting it together. I decided to go in a different direction; away from the hard techno/metal mix stuff I've been using. The song for Episode 4: Festival of Immortals by Kirill Pokrovsky, and the entire Divinity 2 soundtrack can be downloaded at http://www.kirillpokrovsky.com/ . It's an excellent soundtrack that makes the game an order of magnitude more enjoyable, but for sheer listening value I find Festival of Immortals to stand head and shoulders above the other songs due to its near frantic pace and how it seems to tell a story without words. Regarding my potty-mouth in the 2nd to last clip: I don't normally curse that much. It was a two week long phase I went through, when I was dealing with the issues below. I still thought it was funny, so I left the audio intact; it's the most colorful I've ever been. Shaky video can be seen in this compilation. A lot of footage where I was on a moderately bumpy road going at a moderate speed was entirely unusable. The reason this is the case for this video, and not for the previous ones, is that I bought a new mount concoction from RAM Mount. It was much stiffer than my previous flexible aluminum mount, and it caused the video to shake very badly as it attached to the GPS pad I use. The other position that was much more stable and somewhat useable, was upside-down on the windshield. This was horrible for my camera because it liked to adjust brightness to the sky (the lower half of the sensor has priority over the upper half, for good reason except when the camera is upside down!). To alleviate this, I had to aim it more downwards, which shows my inspection sticker on my windshield, and it still did a horrible job of properly gauging brightness. Not only that, but because of the angle of the screen I couldn't tell if it was recording, nor could I aim it correctly without sitting in the passenger seat. I spent a lot of money on things to stabilize the mount on my dashboard, but nothing worked. I eventually figured out that my wide angle lens was rattling around inside its housing (you can hear it in the start of this video), and that was causing the camera's digital image stabilization to go bat-spit-crazy (which made "de-shaking" impossible). Anyway, the fix was simply tightening the ring that secures the lens into its housing, and now I'm back to having stable video recorded in the perfect dashboard position. Without a rattling lens, the digital image stabilization on my Kodak ZX5 works very well and compensates for the movement as the mount shakes on the GPS pad. Re: Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 crashes, in addition to my camera mount situation, caused me to not want to make any more videos. Why does Vegas 9 crash all the time? My suspicion is that in the way I make these videos, 1920 x 1080 clips sped up to 4x their normal speed... Vegas 9 just isn't built to handle videos that intense. I even upgraded from WinXP to Windows 7 hoping that better memory management (able to use all 6GB of my RAM now) would fix my Vegas issues. It didn't. So I downloaded a trial of Vegas Movie Studio 11, and it renders my Vegas 9 project file without issue. I ordered the packaged upgrade from them and it should be delivered within a couple weeks. (How's that? Sony makes a product that doesn't work for me and as a result I buy an upgraded version of Sony's product.) As of now, I have about 50 clips that I've decided to not use ever, but still have 30 left over that I wanted to use here, but couldn't because I try to keep these between 5 and 7 minutes long. The crashing issues really turned a hobby that was strangely enjoyable into a headache induced nightmare. If Vegas MS 11 did not succeed where Vegas MS 9 failed (the rendering of this video was done with the Trial Edition of Vegas MS 11, as I wait for the retail version to arrive), you would likely not be seeing any more videos from me. Thankfully Vegas MS 11 is slightly easier to work with, and much better at making video without crashing. Now, I just need to figure out which song I can use for my next one, and once the Vegas MS 11 box hits my doorstep I'll get started on producing the video. One more thing: the distortion heard for Megadeth's Symphony of Destruction playing on my stereo was added by me in post process (it's not the camera mic screwing up). I didn't want YouTube to strip all the audio from this music video (as they have before due to stuff playing on my stereo). Also, the violin heavy song on the next clip is Thunder by Nuttin' But Stringz (very talented guys - Check 'em out). Tools used: Kodak Playsport ZX5 camcorder, a mixture of Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 and 11, Arcsoft MediaImpression for Kodak, Paint Shop Pro X3, Ram Mount concoction, Bracketron GPS sticky pad, a lot of patience, and a sense of humor.

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