Bad Drivers Caught On Dash Cam Compilation 7

Fails & Random Stuff In Order: 1. A rolling fail, box on wheels 2. Cool old model A Ford truck 3. Lady almost stops at a green light then she drives 30mph in a 45mph 4. Motorcycle takes off real fast in tune with my music HA! 5. SUV drives off the side of the road. 6. Car cuts off my girlfriend when she is driving 7. Car almost hits me, if I would'nt of honked and stopped she would of hit me. Its like I wasent even there. 8. Car wash escapde. First they won't then they will. Just something very random I threw in there.

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You need a dashcam. Protect yourself.
I want to help you stay protected, so I've teamed up with Canada Dashcam! Stay safe out there team, it's a crazy place. (read below) I also have a mini review of the popular Blackvue and Vicovation Dash Cameras. CANADA DASHCAM.COM - COUPON CODE (Enter at checkout): teamsnowcat Recommended Cameras: BlackVue DR650GW-1CH - VicoVation Vico-Marcus 4 - VicoVation Vico-Opia 2 (1080P / 60FPS) - Music By: Shirts: Key Tags: Website: My Bike: Intro/Outro Song: Facebook: Soundcloud: Instagram: All rights of the video are mine. All stills, video, music created/captured by yours truly. No reproduction for media/news/YouTube is allowed without prior written permission.

Why It's Good To Have A Dash Camera - Again
A Ford driver did not expect that everything is recorded on the dash camera. He disappeared from the scene of the accident, but later he had an interesting conversation with the police :) ✔SUBSCRIBE ✔Car Crash Compilations

Car wash fail
Fort Gratiot BP wouldn't accept #s

Bad Drivers Caught On Dash Cam Compilation 13
Clips In Order: 1. Backwards Style 2. To Close! 3. Can't Stay In Lane 4. That's Not A Turn, It's A Curve! 5. I'll Let Everyone Else Decide 6. Very Impatient Semi Diver 7. Failvan 8. Duh!?! Where My Turn Signal 9. Bad Human! Good Dogs 10. Truck Flying Of The Curb 11. Red Light Runner, From A Dead Stop