Boost Films SFL- JZ vs RB Dyno Shootout @ Flawless Performance [HD]

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RB,2JZ,4G63T,Boxer,Rotary,V-TEC Launch
RB,2JZ,4G63T,Boxer,Rotary,V-TEC Launch sard sound!

Toyota Supra 2JZ vs Nissan Skyline Godzzila RB26 1/4
Nissan Skyline time 9.52sec Toyota supra 10.6 Sec Skyline Launch control bummmmmmmmmmm :D

CRD +1000hp Nissan GTR R32 "JUN"
"JUN" - CRD built & tuned, now running in excess of 1000hp with a fully built Nissan RB motor using hi-quality Nitto Performance Engineering components and custom MoTeC M800 ECU system. visit us at for more!

Boost Films SFL - Premiere Performance RB 240sx Personal Best!! 8.809 @161mph! [HD]
Congrats to Nigel, Mike and the rest of the guys at Premiere Performance for their new personal best of 8.809 @ 161mph in the quarter mile!