1970 Lemans GTO

1970 Lemans Sport first run in about 8 years.. The car has been off the road since 86' and got it on 1/1/09.. Got it started the night I got it home.. Everything works, all lights, horn, radio needs to be rewired, brakes suck though.. About to do a ground up restoration.

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1970 Pontiac GTO Fully Restored by Almost Everything!
Almost Everything's Car of the Day is a 1970 Pontiac GTO. This Classic Muscle Car came to our shop *LOOKING* decent. Under the seemingly okay finish unbeknownst to anybody, lay some serious, serious, bodywork to be done before painting. The car had been "Repaired" before, years ago by a "Professional Hack Artist", nearly 100% of its body panels had been skimmed with an absurd amount of body filler, hiding the improper "Repairs" beneath it. Once we had the car stripped, we discovered that the Quarter Panels, Doors, and many other miscellanious panels were in dire need of replacement. Some panels were replaced using reproduction parts such as both Quarter Panels, the Decklid Filler, and a handful of other parts. Some panels were not so lucky, who would have thought a 44 year old collectors car would be so hard to find parts for? The areas thatwere impossible to replace due to lack of parts were repaired, grafting recycled sheet metal in place of old rusted metal, and finishing with a much lighter skim of plastic filler. Once the body was all taken care of, we applied a Primer, then block sanded the whole car, exposing every single imperfection. Once everything was straight and smooth we Painted the GTO with our "Performance Base, Clear" paint in its original color!

1970 lemans/gto project
1970 lemans gonna get converted into a 70 gto

1970 Pontiac Lemans Sport
Just a quick video of me pulling my car out of the parking lot.. It's a 1970 Pontiac Lemans Sport with the original 350 engine, TH 350 transmission, and the original 10 bolt peg leg rear end. It has 81,000 original miles. It went through a frame off restoration recently in which evrything was powder coated. It also sports a new paint job and a GTO hood. It also has some not original stuff which includes a holley 600 cfm vacuum secondary carburetor, edelbrock aluminum intake, and Pypes 2.5" stainless steel x-pipes with low restriction mufflers. Unfortunately I'm missing the rear Pontiac emblem on the trunk lid does anyone know where I can find one, Ive tried year one and performance years but its not remade. The noise at 2:28 is because I hit the steering lock nothing serious. I didnt push on it too hard because the powertrain is 40 years old and in really good shape and I'd like it to last. This is not a trailer queen or a museum piece thats never driven. I drive it as much as possible because its meant to be enjoyed. If you like old muscle cars and would like to get into the hobby the Lemans is still relatively inexpensive and can be dressed up to look like a GTO. This car is my pride and joy and I hope to never sell it so please enjoy.

1970 pontiac lemans 2 door hardtop 350 V8 dual exhaust. Magnaflow mufflers.
Just a sound check on my new Exhaust that I got put on two days ago. Originally was the stock Exhaust, 2 inch single pipe. I got tired of not having my car actually sound like a V8 so I had this Exhaust put on. After looking at reviews and talking to my mechanic we decided on magnaflows as it was considerably cheaper and I didn't need something that was ridiculously loud. It has a really nice tone at low rpm's and a slight drone right around 50-60 mph. I don't have a tach on this car currently so I'm not sure what RPM's that is. Everything on this car is ORIGINAL. 74,756 miles on the engine and transmission.