Mercedes C63 Revving with Agency Power Headers

Here this C63 V8 engine roar with the stock Exhaust from a set of Agency Power race headers. Get more info at

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INSANE C63 AMG with Agency Power Headers and Mid-Pipe!!
The Agency Power Section Headers and Section 1 Mid Pipes for the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is one of the best upgrades you can do! As tested on a 2009 C63 with flash and Agency Power valvetronic Exhaust on a Mustang Dyno, power was increased 45 wheel horsepower! This compilation from @Armand_c63 shows off the raw exotic sounds produced when running just the Agency Power Headers & Mid Pipes with the factory muffler. For more info on Agency Power Performance products for the C63 AMG visit: 3+&osCsid=snqgs6seljgr44f19kvsnq5655 Like us Facebook Follow us on Instagram @AgencyPower

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG with Agency Power Exhaust System | RAW POWER
Raw edit without music from the popular Vivid Racing C63 AMG Video that has accumulated over 1.6 million views (See link at bottom to watch) This Mercedes C63 AMG features Agency Power Headers, Mid-Pipe and Valve Controlled Exhaust system. If you are interested in purchasing this Exhaust system for you Mercedes or have any questions please visit our website Follow us on instagram @AgencyPower Like us on Facebook Link to Original video

Agency Power Mercedes C63 Headers and Valvetronic Exhaust on Dyno
The new Agency Power headers and Valvetronic Exhaust being demonstrated in Normal and Race mode. For Dyno results and more info on this project, see our blog on our website please.

C63 with Agency Power Headers and Valvetronic Exhaust LOUD
Agency Power Headers and Valvetronic Exhaust