How to rust a model car

This is how i rust my models! Song By Veruca Salt

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How To Rust A Model Car Part 2
Here is part 2 of how i rust my model cars, Part 1 has over 20,000 veiws so far i hope part 2 is a hit too!!!

Rusting Model Cars - The Salting Technique Tutorial.
G'day everyone and welcome back again for another tutorial on how i do the salting technique for a paint chipped paint job. Hope it helps and thanks for watching.

Tutorial - Cheapest Way To Rust A Model Car

Classic Wrecks: The Rusted Car as Art
John Findra's ( love of classic cars is given creative expression through scale models, affectionately reproducing the rusty beauty of abandoned autos. Read the Etsy blog post: All Etsy videos are created under the Creative Commons license ( Please feel free to share!