Will it Run? Episode 3: Things to do with Used Cars

Smashing up a bunch of cars in a field. Some sweet jumps and crashes near the end. Watch for the General Lee Neon , the #43 Petty Intrepid Superbird, and the Messershmidt 109 Mercury Topaz. A great way to spend the day, for sure. Lots more smash-up derby racing to come! Music: Beethoven's 9th.

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Will it Run? Episode 4: 1957 Dodge Regent
Got a 57 Dodge out of a field. Parked for over 40 years! Can we get her to go under her own power? Its a 230 c.i. 6 and a 3-on-the-tree. Latest in the series about just getting old stuff to run, for no really good reason. The 1957 Dodge Regent was a Canadian model, roughly equivalent to the Plymouth Savoy. I like all these Exner-era Chryslers. Lots more to come!

Saved From the Crusher: 1950 Dodge Special Deluxe!
Hi! Another junkyard gem for us; this time it's a 1950 Dodge Special Deluxe 4 door sedan. Cold War Motors likes this kind of thing, I guess. I bought this car in November, and during a break in the weather last week, we went outside and had another look at it and threw on a few hubcaps while we were at it. It's a pretty decent and complete car; most of the missing pieces were inside and it looks to be all there under the hood. It's not too rusty, but would need some welding before it would go on the road. What it does have is a terrific dashboard with all of the original woodgraining intact. If I decide to put the 50 Plymouth fastback on the road, this sedan would be a great source of interior and drivetrain parts because it's a Canadian Dodge, which is mostly a Plymouth with a Dodge front clip and trim. Or, it might stay all together and wait for someone to come along and pile money and time into it. Unfortunately, these cars aren't worth much, even in roadworthy condition, so buying a nice one is a way better idea than trying to put a rough one together. Nevertheless, I thought it would look nice in the lineup, and it does! With any luck, I'll have some time to get it running this upcoming summer. I will do another video of the matching sister car to this one as soon as it's home here. It's the same year and model, and is probably the one to part out to save this one. The other vehicles at the beginning of the video all found homes, too, so that's really good to know. I'd have liked that Chevy panel, but it was a big project and I'm already full, haha. I'd really like to thank my neighbour Ken who sold me this car and helped load it too! Thanks to everyone who subscribed, and thanks also for all your comments and "likes" and kind words for my best girl Stella. Cheers from all of us here at CWMC, s&s

My 93 Ford Aerostar Starts Up After A 7 Year Sleep
To all you Jackasses out there, Read this first. Starting it to take it with me when my house gets sold once the water damage is repaired. As I was trying to rock it out of the ground it because it sunk in over the years I did a small burnout with it in the dirt. By the way, doing a burnout with the door open like that. Bad idea, as you can see that I smoked my own ass out. lol This van has served me well. My family took me and my brother on road trips with it and then I took it on my own road trips when I was using it everyday. I parked it in my backyard by my storage unit in 2007 and it hasn't ran or moved since until 1-15-2014. The reason why I parked it was because the overdrive goes on and off until it reaches 70 mph. That and I have to add a quart of oil to the engine before reaching 3,000 miles on an oil change. The AC compressor went out. I put a new one in and it only lasted a year. I just don't want to put any money in it anymore. Besides, it's a pain in the ass to work on and there are many things that is wrong with it. But it survived my mother over heating it in it's early life before I owned it. The engine is worn out because of it over heating from my mother. It has 271,000 miles on it and I didn't think that it was going to start after sitting for so long with seven year old gas in the tank. But you can see the look on my face in the video that I was impressed that it did. Just by putting a battery in it and getting the starter to loosen up and finally turn the engine over. The reason why I broke the passenger side window is because the door was stuck shut and I was trying to get it open. Why did I park it instead of getting rid of it? Well original I was saving it to take it to Dave's Farm and finish what ever life it had left in it over there. But now I have a new idea. I'm going to take it to a Demolition Derby and have fun with it before junking it. It had a good life and it ran it's course. It served me well, and now we party.

car crazy 1991
a 1991 news report about the Ilderton Motor Project (IMP).