Will it Run? Episode 3: Things to do with Used Cars

Smashing up a bunch of cars in a field. Some sweet jumps and crashes near the end. Watch for the General Lee Neon , the #43 Petty Intrepid Superbird, and the Messershmidt 109 Mercury Topaz. A great way to spend the day, for sure. Lots more smash-up derby racing to come! Music: Beethoven's 9th.

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More Used Car Abuse
An insightful glimpse into the minds of tomorrows leaders. Witness the maximum depreciation inflicted on the rare and priceless 1997 Toyota Special Commemorative Edition Sox & Martin Tercel by the vicious Team Oldsmobile and their secret weapon 1992(?) W-30 Ninety-Eight Brougham. Don't miss a chance to catch a glimpse of the Special Touring Parade Phaeton Plymouth Caravelle for 1980 in Buford T. Justice livery, of course. OK, so we're not exactly savin' the fuckin' whales around here.

Will it Run? Episode 4: 1957 Dodge Regent
Got a 57 Dodge out of a field. Parked for over 40 years! Can we get her to go under her own power? Its a 230 c.i. 6 and a 3-on-the-tree. Latest in the series about just getting old stuff to run, for no really good reason. The 1957 Dodge Regent was a Canadian model, roughly equivalent to the Plymouth Savoy. I like all these Exner-era Chryslers. Lots more to come!

Will it Run? Episode 5: Trade-in Time for the 1966 Fury!
Time to make some room! This 1966 Plymouth Fury is finding a new home. It's a former "Will it Run?" car, has it got one more run in it? The 225 slant six / 904 automatic - powered Fury II 4-door sedan sat in a field since 1980, and after a little rehab, was running nicely, if a little blue. Can't save'm all though, so off she goes...

1931 Model A Truck Project Part 3!
Hey! We're back with Part 3 of this Model A Ford project! Time to finish upholstering the top, and then we'll drop the body on the frame so Agent 0826 can take it home and get it running while I finish some other stuff around here (coming soon!). As usual, I have to thank all the people that watch, like, comment, and especially subscribe to our channel here; thanks for making this Youtube project worthwhile and encouraging us to carry on making the videos. Agent 0826 decided that he wanted me to redo the box floor and detail the outside of the box to match the cab, so that video will be coming soon as well! I had a lot of fun with that; hope you guys like it. Meanwhile, there's still the AMC Ambassador underway (parts arriving right away), another cool customer unit, as well as a couple other projects of our own coming up! Thanks again for checking it out; more on the way soon and all the best from everyone here and my best girl Stel... s&s