Will it Run? Episode 3: Things to do with Used Cars

Smashing up a bunch of cars in a field. Some sweet jumps and crashes near the end. Watch for the General Lee Neon , the #43 Petty Intrepid Superbird, and the Messershmidt 109 Mercury Topaz. A great way to spend the day, for sure. Lots more smash-up derby racing to come! Music: Beethoven's 9th.

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Will it Run? Episode 4: 1957 Dodge Regent
Got a 57 Dodge out of a field. Parked for over 40 years! Can we get her to go under her own power? Its a 230 c.i. 6 and a 3-on-the-tree. Latest in the series about just getting old stuff to run, for no really good reason. The 1957 Dodge Regent was a Canadian model, roughly equivalent to the Plymouth Savoy. I like all these Exner-era Chryslers. Lots more to come!

A "Will it Run?" Special: The Five Dollar Roadster! Week 2
Hi from Cold War Motors! I guess it's time to get some fab work done on my scratchbuilt jalopy race car / hot rod project here... This week we're working on the chrome reveal mouldings that will mount on the hood sides to let the Exhaust headers pass through. Looks like another one of those ideas that was only gonna take a few minutes until I actually got doing it. Nevertheless, I am happy with the result, even if Stella thinks the whole thing is taking too long. She's right, but too late now, might as well finish what I started. Thanks to everyone who subscribed to our channel here, and thanks also for all of the "likes" and comments! I am going to try to put up more videos here, but the editing takes up the time. I am in the process of getting a website together where I hope to sell some t-shirts and dealership decals and whatever to help buy me some more time to work on these fun projects instead of the regular "work" stuff. In the next couple months, I hope! Lots of projects coming up this spring / summer... so many cars! Bikes too, I hope... Well, thanks again for your support and encouragement, and all the best from me and Stella and the rest of the Agents!

More Used Car Abuse
An insightful glimpse into the minds of tomorrows leaders. Witness the maximum depreciation inflicted on the rare and priceless 1997 Toyota Special Commemorative Edition Sox & Martin Tercel by the vicious Team Oldsmobile and their secret weapon 1992(?) W-30 Ninety-Eight Brougham. Don't miss a chance to catch a glimpse of the Special Touring Parade Phaeton Plymouth Caravelle for 1980 in Buford T. Justice livery, of course. OK, so we're not exactly savin' the fuckin' whales around here.

"Will it Run?" Special: 1967 AMC Ambassador DPL! Week1
We're back! This time we're getting started on our 1967 AMC Ambassador DPL hardtop. First thing is to try to get it started, as I've not actually heard it run, and we need to move it inside so I can get started on all the work it needs to go on the road this summer. The 343 4 barrel also needs the water pump done and a few other things, and we'll be going through all of the other mechanical systems to make sure she is roadworthy. A really interesting car, and I've not seen another one around here. Just going to have a look at the starter this week and move the car inside so we can get at it. As I write this, I have several more episodes filmed and just trying to find the time to edit everything, including a few bits I shot featuring some work we did for friends... Not to worry, I won't start making you watch vids of me fixing scratched bumpers on minivans; only interesting / old cars are going to get featured here! Thanks again to everyone who watches / subscribed / commented on our channel. I am getting ready to do a lot of fun videos this summer; I think you'll like whats coming. Also: sorry it takes so long to get these done; I'm really going to try to get more vids up more often. Cheers and all the best from me and Stella and all of the other Agents here!