Street Race :- peugeot 306, honda civic , nissan sylvia, toyota mr2

peugeot 306 racing with mates in civic mr2 and a nissan sylvia

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Bolt-on MR2 Turbo vs H22/cam EF civic Hatch
Drama turbo mr2 on 16-17psi vs H22 /cam EF EF civic missed gear in 1st race

MR2 VS Civic hatchy turbo

Civic Type R Vs MR2 Spyder Turbo
MR lost. Good job FD2R's K20A! Genting Touge

Peugeot 306 GTI6 / S16 acceleration 0-180
0-100 7,4s 0-180 21s wet tarmac, soft 1st gear launch (and I dont wanna ruin my clutch and tires) and definitely not best shifting 120kW 6-speed gearbox closed road of course *bad pokerface* :)