1936 Ford Roadster Ghost. I saw it at the 2007 Pile Up.It was on Hot Rod cover August, 1948

I was talking with somebody at the 2007 HCP when I saw this ghost go by. I caught up with the owner Bob Foster. The car was in the 62nd Grand National Roadster Show

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The Last Hunnert Car Pile Up 2011 The First Iron Invasion & Donna's Caddy Ambuhearse Update
Chrome Czar Django talks about the final Hunnert Car Pile Up John Wells talks about the coming Iron Invasion. Donna talks about the current state of her Cadillac ambuhearse

Bo Huff True American Artist His Last Car Show Lead Sled!
I shot some video at the first ever Greasers & Gamblers Car Show at the Hollywood Casino in Joliet, Illinois. I had the chance to meet and talk with Bo Huff, a legendary car customizer from Dragerton, Utah. Bo Huff, Voodoo Larry and Joe Bortz were the featured artists.

A Man Builds His Own B17 e, 2014 Desert Rat Update. We Hear From A Tail Gunner
I checked in on the Desert Rat B 17e Flying Fortress project recently. I met a WW2 B17 tail gunner there, Kenneth Hoffman. I spoke a little about his experience as a teenager in the War. I was on 35 missions. Mike Kellner spoke about how the project is coming along.

Desert Rat B-17 Flying Fortress restoration project. Aluminum Overcast in cockpit take off.
We sit in the cockpit of Aluminum Overcast during a take off. Then Mike Kellner talks about his B17 Desert Rat restoration project. The EAA Warbirds Squadron 4 is doing work on the aircraft during the interview.