SBC "Chevyota" Toyota Mud Truck chevy 350

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TOYOTA 2E Replacing new Valve Stem Oil Seals without removing the Cylinder Head
ADD OR FOLLOW ME !! If your TOYOTA 2E Corolla smokes at cold startup or accelerating from idle, burning oil, engine misfiring, run rough acting weird, spark plug coated with hard crust from oil burning....for sure your aging Valve seal have been hardened and few of them are even very loose. This video tutorial will cure your blue smoke problem. Removing valve keeper valve spring the easy way Removing rocker arms and installing Removing camshaft and installing camshaft in order 516,177

toyota on 38's with a small block chevy
not enough tread to make it up

lifted built chevy mud trucks good 4x4 action
nh lifted chevys mud truck

toyota v8 350
my 1988 toyota pickup wit a 350 muddin and smokin the tires. here are the vids i promised