2012 BMW 640i Gran Coupe Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

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2012 BMW 520d Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

2013 BMW 320d SE Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour
Hello everyone! Sorry for not uploading any videos for a month. Anyways, to start the month of September, let's take a look at this 2013 BMW 320d SE. Just a quick note, as mentioned in the video, the SE trim is the base model together with the EfficientDynamics trim for the 320d in the UK (lower powered models such as the 316i and 316d get the ES trim as well which is positioned below the SE). *If you are all wondering about the cold weather as shown on the car's MFD, the video was actually filmed back in February in the UK. I just got around to uploading it.

2013 Chevrolet Captiva 2.2 VCDi LTZ Auto (7 seater) Start-Up, Full Vehicle Tour and Night Start-Up
Hello everyone! Today, I have a video on one of the two rental cars that my parents had when they were in the UK a couple of months ago. This car was used to help me move to my new flat and I must say, it is a pretty good load lugger! Anyhow, this is also my 500th video, and I really enjoyed editing this video. So, enjoy the video on the Captiva, and Happy New Year everyone!

2014 BMW 520d Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour
Hello everyone! In today's video, we will be covering the 2014 BMW 520d. This diesel powered executive saloon is the facelifted model of the F10 5-Series range. Enjoy!