Porsche 928

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5th Gear|928 GTS|Supercars
Subscribe to My Channel Tiff Nedell Picking the Porsche 928 GTS out of a line of Supercars from the Period.

88 Porsche 928 Twin Turbo Dyno E85 - 941 whp & 751 ft/lbs
Twin GT3076's and E85. This still has a stock crankshaft (cross drilled and lightened), factory bore/stroke engine with stock rod and main bearings, and stock S3 camshafts (modified to work in S4 heads), stock Exhaust manifolds converted to v-band outlets. The cylinder heads, valves, retainers, keepers, guides are all stock. Everything regarding the oiling system is %100 stock. Stock S4 automatic transmission and torque converter! Custom parts are pistons, rods, valve springs, OEM VW/Audi lifters, intake manifold, and of course twin turbo setup. It is currently running on pump E85 with no help from methanol. Water nozzles are used to spray the outside of the Intercooler during wide open throttle. Tuning was done through a Autronic SM4 with a old outdated 106 chip.

Porsche 928, German Muscle
The owner of a 1980 Porsche 928 reflects on his soon to be sold car that he said he would never sell. The 928 is a very special car and it is both under rated and under valued.

928 crash at Zolder
A 928 is chasing and Escort RS in Zolder and looses it in the Bianchi