Star Racing's Pro Stock Motorcycle Engine Dyno

In this video, Star Racing owner George Bryce puts one of our S&S Cycle Pro Stock Motorcycle engines through its paces to get ready for the 2013 NHRA season! Here at Star Racing we go through constant testing and tuning to get our motorcycles and engines to their peak performance. Our engine dynamometer is just one of the many ways to do this since we can control everything at our fingertips.

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Dart NHRA Pro Stock Dyno Pull
We test out the awesome power of an NHRA Pro Stock motor on our Dyno! The technology we develop for these bad boys is then applied to our production heads and blocks.

Star Racing Super Flow Engine Dyno
260 horsepower Frank Hawley Suzuki GS school engine. 91 cubic inches. 1100

Tombo Racing Hayabusa engine build part 4
Tommy Bolton installs the head on the 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa GSXR-1300.

Star Racing Dyno Test - 13,000rpm Trainer Bike
Star Racing Dyno testing a Suzuki trainer bike for the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School. 13,000 rpm with 230hp and 111ft-lbs of torque.