TotalSim PrevostAnimation

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A video showing TotalSim ability to quickly modify vehicle ride hieghts using our own inhouse kinematic solver.

CFD analysis of Empire Racing's hill climb car by TotalSim.
CFD analysis of a hill climb car by TotalSim.

Dallara Expertise: Wind Tunnel and CFD
Aerodynamics constitutes a key factor in determining performance, a constant quest to develop the perfect blend of downforce versus reduced drag factor, to produce the most competitive and streamlined car. Dallara has two tunnels, one testing up to 50% scale models and a brand-new extended facility, able to utilize up to 60% models. To supplement the wind tunnel tests, Dallara, has pioneered the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics. Follow us on: FB - TW - Lin -

TotalSim | CFD simulation of a car and caravan using DES | CFD Simulation by TotalSim DES CFD simulation of a car and caravan as part of a drag reduction exercise carried out by TotalSim. Video published with kind permission of Swift Group. CFD simulation carried out by TotalSim.