Type 4 Turbo VW Beetle

This my turbo 914 type 4 powered beetle. I'm running .7 Bar.

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NEW TURBO..turbo bug beetle vw type4 turbo
turbo tinkering...only had the ballbearing turbo for 2 or 3 years...it was time to glue it on...had 200bhp with the old one...still yet to Dyno tune with this new turbo but im hoping its more.......

WPVW Dean's 2.8L Turbo-Injected Type 4 Auto Street Beetle Tuning
Initial tuning of Dean's new 2.8L turbo injected type 4 engine in the beetle with new automatic transmission. Only running a low 8psi Boost but much more to come with tuning and water/methanol injection.

350 HP VW beetle WRX STI Turbo engine!!! Vocho project-subaru ej20 "part 6"
some fast accelerations with vw bug 1972 with wrx sti ej207 turbo engine porsche G50 5 speed gearbox runs a little above 1,5 bar Boost pressure and has around 350hp 460nm see also the other video's in the playlist and visit the JMSpeedshop ! for more video's about the beetle and also Engine Math

vw bug beetle turbo
vw bug beetle turbo