V8 Aerostar ( 5.0 HO )

Ford should have made a V8 Aerostar. I got 5 mpg better than the 2.8L V6 5-spd, it sounds better, and its more fun to drive (power). Sitting 1 ½ inches lower with large swaybars made it handle like a car. I've had A LOT of fun with this van, now it's time for a change. If you ever get a chance to be part of the Hot Rod Power Tour I highly recommend it. It doesnt matter if you do the long haul or just one venue, you wont regret it or forget it!!!

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Ford Aerostar vs. Escape Snowy Hillclimb
My wife owns two cars; a 2003 Ford Escape V6, and a 1996 Ford Aerostar XL. Both have automatic 4x4. Both have V6 engines. Both have a towing capacity of about 5,500 lbs. Both have an EPA fuel mileage of about 21 on the highway, although the Aerostar tends to get a little better than that, and the Escape rarely gets that high. The Escape barely seats 5. The Aerostar comfortably seats 7 adults, with a larger rear storage area than the Escape, even with all 3 rows occupied. The Aerostar has a lot more headroom, and a much more comfortable ride. The Escape is a FWD Unibody that optionally engages the rear wheels. The Aerostar is Body-On-Frame with RWD and a transfer case that optionally engages the front axle. The Aerostar is rated at 155HP. The Escape is rated at 201. The Escape has BFG all-season all-terrain tires in good shape. The Aerostar has a mix of generic highway tires in varying condition. The Aerostar cost $850. The Escape cost $3500.

The vans,
A comparison of my van (white) vs. my grandparents van (green) which one sounds better? sorry about the picture it Kinnda sucks. and the paper is for all my CF buddies :D

12 second Aerostar does burnout
XLT Ford Aerostar does crazy burnout

camionetas FORD AEROSTAR las mejores.