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Gente Motori Doppio duello Porsche Cayman R vs Bmw Serie 1M

Doppio duello Porsche Cayman R vs Bmw Serie 1M


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Gente Motori Vip Test - Davide Oldani su Mini Cooper S Trofeo
Davide Oldani Vip Test di Gente Motori in pista Pirelli a Vizzola Ticino

Gente Motori Test Ferrari 458 Spider
Test Ferrari 458 Spider su strada e all'Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari di Imola

Gente Motori test Porsche 911 (991) Carrera S
Test Porsche 911 (991) Carrera S

Gente Motori Vip Test - Davide Oldani prova l'Audi R8 Spyder
Davide Oldani su Audi R8 Spyder per Gente Motori alla pista Pirelli di Vizzola Ticino

Nurburgring Lap 1M Coupe vs CSL
A lap with a Bmw 1M Coupe on the Nurburgring. The car was awesome and no problems whatsoever. BTG lap time was 8.15 with traffic and i also needed to back off throttle for an accident in the last part. Without traffic and the accident under 8 min BTG is possible. I am following a CSL. Which is a nurburgring track day car. CSL has a cage, big brakes, lightweight Exhaust and race seats en runs on pilotsport cup tires. The 1M coupe was completely off factory. I was amazed how well this 1M coupe runs on the Nurburgring. Driver: Andre de Vries.

2013 Porsche Cayman S — репортаж Михаила Петровского
Технические подробности и бонусное видео — на Драйве: http://www.drive.ru/drive-test/porsche/512c58e694a6563d28000047.html

Porsche Cayman R Turbo Lag
The new Cayman R doesn't have a turbo, so why so much turbo lag? In this clip I tap the wheel when I hit the throttle. Listen to the wait for the engine to get the message. There are some control taps at the beginning showing what the response should be like, i.e. the engine growls back as expected. The remainder are at or near 1.9k rpm, the engine is not excessively labouring, but fails to even try to respond! A fault? Apparently not, say Porsche UK. This is an engine characteristic. I have a word for it, and its not characteristic !! Follow this link for more detail on why the UK Cayman R throttle cable has been replaced by a piece of elastic..... http://www.planet-9.com/cayman-boxster-problems-complaints/58779-new-cayman -r-build-quality-11.html#post579314

Porsche Cayman R vs BMW 1M (lightweight) vs BMW E89 Z4 3.5i (JB4); part 3
Porsche Cayman R vs BMW 1M (lightweight) vs BMW E89 Z4 3.5i (JB4); Roll on from 80 km/h and from start; camera on Cayman R; russian comments

Porsche Cayman R - Varano OPL - 02-09-2011 Hot Laps
Porsche Cayman R, with stock Michelin PS2. Open pit lane at Varano de Melegari Track, Parma, Italia.

Porsche Cayman S -Imola Circuit - 27-04-2012
Two laps with a 2006 Cayman S at Imola circuit 2.10.5 2.09.7

Porsche Cayman S 2013 | evo REVIEW
evo's Porsche Cayman S 2013 review: http://bit.ly/13UYJxJ Subscribe to evo TV for more videos: http://bit.ly/WpFurP Register for evo's weekly newsletter: http://bit.ly/YwSED0

Audi RS3 vs BMW M1 acceleration 0-270 kmh
Personally I prefer the RS the sound is ... !! See full acceleration video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=907rmpfePtA

BMW 1-series M vs Porsche Cayman R video review
Moment of truth for the hot '1' - a Cayman beater?

Porsche Cayman S vs Cayman R
Could the new Cayman R better the already impressive Cayman S?

Porsche Cayman S Vs. BMW 335i JB3
Cayman S- Stock 335i- JB3 tune, Catless Downpipes, Vishnu Filters PLEASE SHARE

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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