Sunbeam Stiletto incar: Historic Grand Race 2010

Historic Grand Race at Ahvenisto raceway. Incar: Citroen powered SS1300 Class Sunbeam Stiletto

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Jukka Lagerstedt Special Saloon Sunbeam Stiletto 1300ccm
Lenni´s Sunbeam Stiletto, joka valmistui 1991. Jukka Laasonen ja Aimo Lepistö aloittivat auton rakentamisen helmikuussa 1991 ja ensimmäinen startti oli toukokuussa 1991 Äitienpäivänä Hämeenlinnan Ahvenisto. Lenni Laasonen antoi autoon tarvittavan 1300ccm moottorin.

HSCC Thruxton Bybox Historic Touring Cars Race 1
Hillman Imp 99 with the second new 5 bearing engine races for the first time. Survived and get to go again in race 2.

Sunbeam Imp Historic Racer Debut/shakedown
First test of our new GP 2 FIA Sunbeam Imp Sport. This car is a replica of the famous George Bevan / Bill McGovern BTCC-winning Imp of the 70s. The track is Rudskogen, the race is a round in the Norwegian Championship for Historic Racing incorporating classes from 1961-76, from a 1000cc Opel Kadett to a 76 Broadspeed Capri. The gearbox is a spare, with totally wrong ratios, so it wasn't exactly a bullet out of some of the corners - but will be remedied for the next race.

Historic Grand Race 2015 Locost+SS1300
locost yamaha, sunbeam stietto