Sunbeam Stiletto incar: Historic Grand Race 2010

Historic Grand Race at Ahvenisto raceway. Incar: Citroen powered SS1300 Class Sunbeam Stiletto

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Locost Racing From Finland 2010 part 5
Historic Grand Race at ahvenisto raceway. incar: Locost Yamaha R1

HSCC Thruxton Bybox Historic Touring Cars Race 1
Hillman Imp 99 with the second new 5 bearing engine races for the first time. Survived and get to go again in race 2.

Jack Frost Rally 2011 Avengers and Sunbeam
This is footage of the Rootes Group cars which took part in the 2011 Cartersport Jack Frost Rally at Croft Circuit on the16th of January. It features footage of car 16, the BRM engined Hillman Avenger of Dave Conley, car 48, the Avenger Tiger of Alan Kitson and car 78, the Talbot Sunbeam of Paul Alsop. The rally was organised by the Darlington Motor Club.

Rush In Imp
Dyno test on new engine built for Ian Perry of Christchurch. Engine is 1040 cc 930 Block and crank. Has English modified Imp sport head of unknown origin flow tested 117 hp. Cam has .382 lift 258 degrees duration (at .050 thou lift measurements) Grind by Kent Cams. Twin 40 DCOE Webbers with 4 into 1 Exhaust. Running though Jack Knight 5 speed. Run to 9000 rpm max. 79.3 hp at the wheels. No oil or water leaks. Sounds Great ! Very happy.