how to change timing belt in a Vtec honda accord Davidsfarmison[bliptv]now

how to change timing belt in a Vtec honda accord Davidsfarmison[bliptv]now

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How to replace timing belt '97-'02 Honda Accord √
1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Honda Accord, Inline 4 cylinder, 2.3L engine. Replacing the timing belt on a 2001 Honda Accord. The belt has snapped so the car would not start. It just cranks over. Did this on December 23, 2015. Friend just needed the timing belt replaced to just get it running. I recommended to replace the water pump since it is in the area of the timing belt but she did not have enough money since it was Christmas time. How the NO START occurred. Friend was driving and came to a complete stop on a traffic light, suddenly the car just died. She tried to start it and it just keeps on turning/cranking over and not starting. Battery was just replaced a month ago, that's what she told me. Please watch here how I diagnose this car. This applies to most Honda 4 cylinder engines that uses a timing belt. RepairPal App estimate: Timing belt repair: $474-$643 That includes parts: $118-$189 Labor cost: $356-$454 Labor time to complete this work: 3.7 hours The information contained in this video is for general guidance, not responsible for any errors or injuries that you have done. Please subscribe and thank you for watching. Follow me on TWITTER: @88bmyvegas and

Honda Accord VTEC timing belt and water pump Honda Accord VTEC High Detail How to
You can buy a quality belt and water pump online here TF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B001NYE26U&linkCode=as2&tag=httpww wyou00f-20 Special thanks to Spanky for filming this video for me. : ) My last Honda Accord video was very well viewed, but lacking in good sound, stability, and lighting so I did another one with some help. Enjoy High Detail How to do a timing belt and water pump Honda Accord VTEC

Honda Accord timing belt installation tips and tension procedure (1990 - 2002)
This isn't a complete "how-to" or anything, but just me installing the new timing and balancing belt on my car while sharing some things I see often overlooked and talking about some problems I ran into on this particular job. I also show the proper tension procedure to finish the job up. This was done on a 1996 accord, but it's pretty much the same for all 4 cylinder models on 4th gens ( 1990 - 1993 ), 5th gens ( 1994 - 1997 ), and 6th gens ( 1998 - 2002 ).

2002 Honda Accord Timing Belt Balance Shaft Valve Cover Tune Up
01:01 - Remove Spark Plug Wires And Plugs 02:17 - Remove Valve Cover 03:27 - Loosen Power Steering And Alternator To Remove Belts 05:16 - Remove Inner Fender Well Cover 06:12 - Remove Crank Pulley 08:55 - Remove Lower Timing Belt Cover 10:09 - Jack Up Engine To Remove Motor Mount 11:49 - Remove Dipstick 12:42 - Remove Upper Timing Belt Cover 14:45 - Timing Belt Positions 16:11 - Remove Timing Belts 20:09 - Remove Upper Mount 21:12 - Remove Tensioners XX:XX - Drain Coolant 22:50 - Remove Waterpump 23:50 - Install New Pump 25:46 - Install Tensioners 26:58 - Install New Timing Belts 27:53 - Tension Belts 44:26 - Install Upper Motor Mount 43:12 - Install Lower Cover 45:04 - Install Upper Cover 45:32 - Install Dipstick 45:50 - Install Motor Mount 46:31 - Replace Valve Cover Gaskets 49:29 - Install Valve Cover 49:43 - Replace Valve Cover Bolt Seals 51:13 - Install New Spark Plugs 52:40 - Install Serpentine Belts