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Nissan Skyline - HUGE FLAMES + Police let him off!
Kampala Kustomz modified Nissan Skyline R33 This was quite a spectacle to behold! Whilst standing on Sloane Street, this R33 Nissan Skyline, with drove down and stopped by a few of us and started shooting flames. I would never have expected the flames to get as large as they did! Obviously, it's a very dangerous and silly thing to do on public roads. I don't want to get in to why the police let him go - something about them not being able to do anything or charge him for anything - as I'm not clued-up enough to make claims. But check out @kampalakustomz and @tal_singh on Instagram for more of this beast! Flickr: Tumblr:

VW Golf MK4 R32 HGP TwinTurbo vs. BMW Z4 3.0
The funny thing in this vid is, that the Z4 driver didn´t know that the VW Golf MK4 R32 had an HGP Twinturbo with 515HP :D "Thanx to Plowy"

VW Golf 7 GTI vs GOLF 6 R Drag Race Viertelmeile Rennen Acceleration Beschleunigungsrennen
VW GOLF R vs VOLKSWAGEN GTI BMW M5 E39 Onboard POV : Porsche 911 Onboard POV :

House Robbery South Africa (13/11/2012)
**UPDATE** Please take note that the Blue Golf is not a R32 model as noted in the video, but rather a Golf 6 GTi R. Furthermore, the White Mercedes which was stolen is not a MLK model, but rather a ML63. Apologies for the incorrect details. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- On 13th November 2012 around 2:00pm, seven armed robbers were involved in a house robbery, in the Glenvista area of Gauteng South Africa. Unfortunately they were able to get away, having stolen a motor vehicle and many house hold possessions. This is the video footage caught on CCTV cameras. Be on the lookout for these vehicles operating within the Glenvista area of Johannesburg: Blue Golf 6 GTi R (Tinted black windows, 5 spoked rims, back spoiler, middle Exhausts) & Silver 5 Series BMW (Tinted black windows, multi-spoked rims, sun roof) No plates have been captured as of yet, but the investigation is still underway. Lets stand together against crime!