Datsun 1200 flip crash vs Chevrolet Impala Etown street wars 2 racing

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Haug Bros Datsun 1200 340
HaugBros Datsun Dragracing fra 19 Pil&bue

Ashton 1200 Datson Crashes
TTUNDRA 1ST Drag Racing Event For 2014...Ashton with his 1200 datsun crashes most likey due to small slicks in the rear....but he is well ..

This Nissan Fairlady 240Z Is An Otaku’s Dream Car
“This is where it all started, this is where the roots are,” says Glenn Chiou. “It has that ‘Z’ because of this car.” With a 1972 Nissan 240Z-L in his care, Chiou is already the owner of an exceedingly rare car in the U.S. He then used his knowledge of history and Nissan’s past to source unobtanium-grade parts from the period Datsun competition catalogue, which tastefully brings this car up a notch in performance but retains a completely authentic look. Drive Tastefully®

datsun 1200 vs fiat 127 abarth vs ford cortina lotus