GF Mazda 626 drag racing white car

What looks to be a 2000 GF Mazda626 drag racing at an organized racing event link to discussion:

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1/4 mile Drag race! - MAZDA beats Lamborghini gallardo, Corvette, Porsche, Mustang and Lotus
A Mazda beats 5 super cars in 1/4 mile DRAG RACE! It's a commercial made by Mazda, all rights belong to them. Let me know what you think. Dirk Top presents 'A Mazda Commercial'. The World's Fastest Convertible. Former US Marine Base El Toro, California USA 1/4 Mile Drag Race, One Uninvited Guest.... Enjoy :)

Mazda 626 GF
My 1998 Mazda 626 GF - song: Jet - Cold Heart Bitch

Mazda 626 GF 2.0 DITD 2001 HD inside, radio, overview
Mazda 626 GF 2.0 DITD 2001

Mazda 626 - How to Remove Door Panels
Removing door panels on most vehicles in general is the same process. It's very easy once you learn how to do it!