230 MPH RX7 crash at Bonneville


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Original NSU RO 80 vidio translated to engiish

David Edwards 177+ mph Crash Bonneville 2012
Edwards Racing a family team has had many successes with there 2006 Kawasaki ZX-14. David Edwards last year ran a 193 mph and brother Simon ran a 188 mph. David was piloting the bike into the timed mile at 177 mph when a high speed wobble brought down David and the bike. The injuries David \ had from the crash were three broken ribs a punctured lung and a broken scapula. Mostly healed now and plans to return to Bonneville.

The ACK Attack motorcycle streamliner crashed during the '07 BUB Speed Trials at Bonneville. The driver, Rocky Robinson, walked away uninjured. The motorcycle suffered significant damage. The streamliner simply overpowered the course at 290 mph, lost traction and entered a terminal wobble.

R12 12 Rotor Engine on the Dyno short version
12 Rotor engine doing some low power test runs on the Dyno. The Carb would not flow enough for more then 2000 rpm. Working on the fuel injection and turbo setup now.