How to break a Lock Right, in your Toyota.

Multi colored Toyota wears teeth off of Lock Right Locker, in the front axle. The front axle has 4.30 gears, Lock Right locker, Longfield axle shafts, and Trail Gear drive flanges. All being pushed by a 22RE, 5 speed, and dual cases. The truck returns to the obstacle with a Detroit Locker.

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Toyota before and after (@ 2:38)
Before spool and Detroit locker and after When my brother first got the truck it didn't have anything besides a lift and 38" tires. Then he put a huge cam in it, detroit locker in the front, spool in the rear and some other minors mods to the truck and it went up the hill like it was nothing and without spinning the tires. 1984 toyota 2" bodylift with 2" helper lift. Yukon full spool in rear with a detroit locker in the front on 33's

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